Bree McCready & the Realm of the Lost

Who would have guessed it? A shy swat, a psycho rebel and a lanky nerd saving the world...for a third time! But when strange things start to happen at the Halloween funfair, fourteen-year-old Bree McCready immediately suspects they have something to do with the half heart locket. Sensing trouble, Bree, Sandy and Honey seek out the magical book, despite knowing it will take them on yet another dangerous and terrifying adventure. And with the help of some clues they embark on an epic journey which takes them to The Realm of the Lost, a beautiful jungle filled with hidden threats a place where normal rules do not apply. Armed only with The Book and a map the trio negotiate unknown territory, discovering strange creatures, deadly traps and new friends...only to end up in the darkest place imaginable. Friendships and loyalties are tested to the extreme as Bree, Sandy and Honey try to fulfill their promise to keep The Book safe from the clutches of evil. Will they finally be able to put their demons to rest? The third book in the Bree McCready series is another baked from page-turning action, filled with surprises, twists and turns...and topped with dark revelations.
Strident Publishing
Age Groups: 
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