Logos, Images and Branding

This page contains the standard Bookbug and Scottish Book Trust logos which can be downloaded and used on your local resources and website.

Before using the logos, please read the branding guidelines below.

Please remember that Bookbug is funded by the Scottish Government and the Bookbug brand cannot be used to promote commercial, political or religious interests. If you have any questions about how and when you can use Bookbug please contact bookbug@scottishbooktrust.com.

Scottish Book Trust and Bookbug Branding Guidelines document (PDF)


Use of Logos

For all communications and advertising materials intended for families, practitioners and other professionals, please use both the standard Bookbug logo and the Scottish Book Trust logo.

You can also use the following logos to promote Bookbug Sessions, the Bookbug Bags or Bookbug for different ages:


Bookbug Bag Images

Images of the Bookbug Bags and their contents are also available for promoting the Bookbug programme in your area. Click on any of the images in the gallery to download them.

If you require any of these logos or images in a different format, please email beth.crozier@scottishbooktrust.com



Branding is important in linking the key messages of the Bookbug programme, ensuring that parents and carers connect Bookbug Bags with Bookbug Sessions and reading with their children. 

Consistently using Bookbug branding will deepen the impact of your local programme and therefore promote the message of family book-sharing across Scotland. You can also benefit from the free promotional resources, printed items, logos and images we can provide to help support your local programme.

The key elements of the Bookbug brand are:


Many Bookbug Coordinators have found the following examples of branding to be effective in their local programmes:

  • Using the word ‘Bookbug’ when discussing the programme
  • Using the Bookbug logo on literature and webpages relating to the programme
  • Ensuring that the message of ‘enjoying books together’ is highlighted at each event
  • Staff wearing a Bookbug t-shirt and using the Bookbug doll when leading Bookbug Sessions
  • Arranging for the Bookbug mascot costume to attend your major Bookbug events
  • Decorating your venue with Bookbug materials e.g. banners, posters, etc.
  • Displaying Bookbug bags at events.


The Bookbug Brand Values are:

Universal: for everyone regardless of wealth, class, gender, ethnic background or ability

Inspirational: planting the seed for a life-long love of books and reading

Engaging: parents/carers and their children are encouraged to take part and connect with each other

Fun: having fun is key for parents/carers and their children to form lasting bonds

Professional: the programme is underpinned by research and informed by early years experts