Running Your Local Bookbug Programme

This section is intended to serve as an online resource for professionals and practitioners who are directly involved with their local Bookbug programme, whether it is gifting bags, running Bookbug sessions or managing logistics. 

Bookbug Co-ordinator Information Pack

The Bookbug Co-ordinator Information Pack provides a complete overview of the co-ordinator role and explains what we require from each local Bookbug Programme. Click here to download the information pack in PDF.

Bookbug Co-ordinator Calendar

The Bookbug Co-ordinator Calendar gives key dates for the year including when we require return of statistics, pack delivery dates and special events. You can download a copy of the calendar here.

Translated Bookbug Information

Bookbug information for families where English is not the first language spoken

Early Years Team Profiles

Find out who does what and who you should contact with questions on the Early Years Team

Bookbug Week

Free promotional materials and templates to help you spread the word about your Bookbug Week event

Logos, Images, Branding and Marketing Materials

Find downloadable logos and branding guidelines for the Bookbug programme, and marketing materials to help you promote Bookbug in your community

Running Bookbug Events

Get tips and support for running Bookbug events

Bookbug Volunteers 

Organisations may choose to use volunteers to support the delivery of Bookbug Sessions. It is essential that anyone delivering Bookbug Sessions, including volunteers, has attended Bookbug Session Leader Training.   

Scottish Book Trust would expect each local authority to establish its own agreement or guidance to ensure any volunteers are adequately supported in their volunteering role. 

There have been an increasing number of organisations and charities coming along to Bookbug sessions in various local authorities to fundraise or spread awareness through our channels. Scottish Book Trust does not endorse any promotion of this nature as this may impact on parents feeling pressurised to support the organisation with a donation or otherwise.

Bookbug Bag Deliveries Monitoring Sheet 2017-18

The Bookbug Bag Deliveries Monitoring Sheet 2017-18 is available for Bookbug Co-ordinators to use to track incoming and outgoing Bookbug bags/Gaelic Bookbug bags.

Bookbug Links To National Strategies 

How the Bookbug programme helps local authorities and health boards fufil the national strategy outcomes.

Bookbug's Library Challenge

Find out about running Bookbug's Library Challenge in your library.