Bookbug Outreach Evaluation

Outreach Evaluation

Since the Bookbug Outreach Programme began in 2012, Scottish Book Trust has been working alongside external evaluators Blake Stevenson the assess its impact and reach.

The evaluation team concluded that, “Bookbug is now seen as a movement that people have signed up to”. Our most recent report looks specifically at the impact of Bookbug for the Home, the training course at the heart of the Bookbug Outreach Programme. The effectiveness of this approach in encouraging parents and carers to do more singing, rhyming, talking and book sharing with their children is thoroughly evidenced throughout the report and accompanying case studies, which are available to download below. The key findings have also been condensed into a four-page illustrated Executive Summary.

Bookbug Outreach Programme Evaluation - Executive Summary (PDF)

Bookbug Outreach Programme Evaluation - Final Report (PDF)

We also now have an infographic which gives an overview of the impact and outcomes of Bookbug for the Home in 2017-18.  

Case Studies

Bookbug for the Home can be used to address wide-ranging family needs, as evidenced by our case studies, which provide clear insight into the impact this approach has had on the lives of vulnerable families across Scotland.

The Ellis Family
Bookbug for the Home reduces parental anxiety and helps a disabled mother "feel like a mum for the first time"

The White Family
Bookbug for the Home gives foster carers new ways to build relationships with children in their care

Family Nurture Approach, Fife
Bookbug for the Home helps a community outreach programme reach more vulnerable families than ever before

Corsehill Nursery, North Ayrshire
Bookbug for the Home builds confidence and skills for nursery practitioners and parents
Children's Centre, Inverclyde
Bookbug for the Home improves school readiness for children exhibiting behavioural challenges

The Burnett Family
Bookbug for the Home gives an adoptive parent new ways to manage the effects of foetal alcohol syndrome

The Murray Family
Bookbug for the Home helps maintain strong family bonds for a family affected by imprisonment
The Shah Family
Bookbug for the Home addresses developmental delay and improves the whole family's English language skills
The Granger Family
Bookbug for the Home helps a respite foster carer for children with severe and complex needs to form strong bonds


Earlier Evaluations

To download evaluation reports from years 1 and 2 of the programme click the links below:

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