Bookbug Sessions

Tracy outside

Tracy Talks: Introducing New Songs

Introducing a new song to your Bookbug session can be intimidating. Here's Tracy's advice for making families feel comfortable and confident with new songs and rhymes. 

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Tracy in a garden with Bookbug bunting

Tracy Talks: Borrowing Books

Tracy shares some tips for encouraging families to take books home with them after a Bookbug session.

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Tracy singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Tracy Talks: Using Action Songs and Rhymes

Tracy Cooper talks about the many benefits of including action songs in your Bookbug sessions

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Tracy holding up a book

Tracy Talks: Including Books in Your Bookbug Session

Tracy shares some of her favourite books for Bookbug Sessions

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Tracy Cooper smiling

Tracy Talks: Repetition

Tracy Cooper highlights the importance of repeating songs and rhymes over and over again, and shares some tips to keep families engaged.

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Tracy Talks: Face-to-Face Interaction

Tracy Cooper discusses the importance of face-to-face songs and how you can work them into your Bookbug sessions.

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Tracy Cooper and Bookbug doll

Tracy Talks: Pacing in Your Bookbug Sessions

Early Years Development Manager Tracy Cooper discusses the importance of getting the pacing just right in your Bookbug Sessions

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Tracy against a white wall with a bookbug picture in the background

Tracy Talks: How to Make Your Bookbug Sessions Welcoming and Inclusive

Easy ways to ensure all families feel welcome and at ease at Bookbug sessions

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Advice for Bookbug Session Leaders

Tips and hints to boost the confidence of Bookbug Session Leaders.

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Songs and Rhymes to Support Speech Development

A speech and language therapist provides practical tips about including songs and rhymes in a Bookbug Session

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