That's Not My Dragon

The girl in this film is desperate to make some noise before she’s ready to join in with the story. Her mum and dad go with it and wait until she’s ready, at which point she happily joins in, counting the dragon claws and even singing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. It’s great that the book can also inspire play and songs, and the experience is being led by the toddler.

When the baby wakes up he is ready to join in with the fun – he was clearly listening in his sleep. He chatters to the dragon – and even offers kisses. Mum encourages his speech development by turning his babble into a conversation. Chatting and turn-taking is a great way to help children learn to speak. Watch carefully how the baby interacts with the book, and then looks at his mum. He clearly wants to participate in the shared experience with the family. There’s a lot going on in this video, and it shows how fun it can be to share a book as a family.


Reading That’s Not My Dragon…

Sharing a book as a family is a great way to cuddle up and enjoy some quiet time together. Many children enjoy touchy feely books, as they can explore with their hands, feel different textures and anticipate the pictures and surprises under flaps, behind doors etc. These types of books encourage children to join in with the story.

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This video is part of our series of Bookbug Bag videos.

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