One, Two, Three...Run!

The dad in this video is reading to a very young baby. The baby is so engaged, and maintains eye contact with his dad throughout. It wouldn’t really matter what the dad was reading, the baby is just enjoying the experience of the cuddle and hearing his dad’s voice. This book sounds lovely when read aloud, and no doubt baby is enjoying hearing new words like ‘swishy’ and ‘splish, splash’.

There are so many ways to share this book. You can trace your baby’s fingers on the page – up and down, round and round. When you get to the end of the book, you could go backwards and run back to the beginning! You can add in the sound effects of running, movement and actions. Use your voice fast and slow to build the excitement and the feeling of a race. Follow the illustrations, use your own actions and have fun enjoying this playful book together.

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