Baby's Very First Black and White Book: Babies

Baby’s Very First Black and White Book: Babies by Stella Baggott. Published by Usborne Publishing.

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Thank you to Usborne for their kind permission to include Baby’s Very First Black and White Book: Babies in this film.

Babies love looking at pictures or illustrations of other babies, so the Black and White Books: Babies is full of lots of lovely babies for your little one to enjoy. The book also covers a lot of different emotions and times of day, making it easy to fit into your own routine and experiences.  


Reading Black and White Books: Babies

Story time doesn’t have to just be about one-to-one attention. As you’ll see in this video, the baby enjoys sharing the book with both his mum and grandmother. You could do the same with your little one, taking turns reading the text, turning the pages and interacting with each other. Sharing the book means sharing cuddles and laughter which distracts the baby from feeling upset.  

Enjoy the time together and relate the book back to your own experiences to bring the story to life. You could also point out the details in the illustrations and repeat pages of the book your little one enjoys the most.

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