Bookbug's Library Challenge

Bookbug's Library Challenge is a free and fun way to encourage children from birth to discover and enjoy their local library. The challenge runs in libraries across Scotland and your child will have the chance to collect beautifully illustrated certificates.

Libraries have a range of great children's books you can borrow for free and your baby or toddler is never too young to join. 

Sign up for Bookbug's free and fun Library Challenge - it's an easy way to enjoy books!


Get involved in 4 simple steps

  • Join your local library and pick up your child's Collector's Card
  • Collect a stamp each time your child borrows books
  • When your card is full, swap it for a certificate for your child to keep
  • Start collecting stamps on a new card! There are lots of certificates to collect.

5 Top Tips

Read this great blog on how to get the most out of Bookbug's Library Challenge.



There are 6 new beautifully illustrated certificates to collect