Bookbug Hello Bump! CD

Welcome to Hello Bump!

This album features songs, rhymes, instrumental music and a story to listen to during pregnancy.

It’s never too early to start singing and sharing stories with your baby – you can even get started before they are born. Babies can hear you from around 22 weeks of pregnancy. Hearing your voice builds their bond with you and helps them learn about communication. Your baby will get to know your voice and respond to it. 

Songs, rhymes and stories during pregnancy can be a lovely way to relax and get the whole family involved. Try picking a song, rhyme or story that you enjoy and share it every day with your baby during the last few weeks of pregnancy. You can even download the lyrics for free if you're not sure of the words. Hearing a familiar song, rhyme or story can be comforting to newborn babies, so keep the habit going after your baby has been born. 

Youth Music Initiative logoFunding by the Scottish Government's Youth Music Initiative through Creative Scotland made this CD possibleEvery reasonable effort has been made to check copyright of the songs and rhymes on this CD. If there are any errors or omissions, Scottish Book Trust will be pleased to add the appropriate acknowledgement to this page and to any subsequent productions of this CD.

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