Say Goodnight Like This

This family has a lovely time curled up sharing the book together. There are many opportunities for the mum to expand on the story by pointing things out on the page and asking simple questions. This is a great way to help children understand what’s going on in the story, as well as in the wider world. It also helps children learn new words and build on their language.  If the children are not very familiar with the story, it’s a good idea to only do this a few times to make sure they still get a picture of the story from start to finish. Once they know story better, you can ask more in-depth questions and really expand on it.

In this film, the children are having a snack, and the little boy also puts his bucket on his head. That’s okay! The little boy is still engaged. Don’t worry if your child doesn’t sit perfectly still for a story. Children need to move around and will explore things in different ways. The mum in this video just keeps reading and both children love curling up and saying goodnight.

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