Dinosaur Roar

Do dinosaurs roar? Do dinosaurs squeak? This book of opposites will engage and delight children.

If you come across words that your child doesn’t know, it’s a great idea to stop and explain them. Use the pictures and the opposite word on the other page to help. In this video, notice how Mum explains ‘meek’ by telling her son that it means ‘shy’. Sharing books is a great way to help children build their vocabulary. This supports overall learning and helps children find ways to express themselves.

You could also add your own actions when reading this book. Think about how each dinosaur would stomp and roar. Acting out stories is a great way to build on understanding. It really makes the book come alive and children will love the opportunity to join in. You might need to get a dinosaur lunch ready so at the end of the story your little dinosaur can munch, munch, munch!    

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