Bookbug Research

Since book gifting to babies began in the UK in 1992, a wealth of information on the outcomes of this early intervention approach has been published.

We all know that sharing stories, songs and rhymes with children is lots of fun, for grown-ups and children, but there’s really much more to it than that and this section of our website aims to highlight the benefits of these interactions! There is a large and rapidly growing body of research to support the positive emotional, social and educational benefits for children who regularly read, sing and say rhymes with a parent or carer.    

Here we aim to highlight research findings that support the benefits of early book sharing and parent and child interaction. We have divided the research into key areas of findings including the importance of sharing books; bonding and attachment; and the importance of movement and music. We will regularly update this section of the website to bring you the very latest in research and findings, so please do check back soon to find more up-to-date information.  

Mum and child reading together

Bookbug's Impact

Why Share Books?

A little baby looks at her mum
Music man with a group of children

Bonding and Attachment

Movement and Music

A baby drawing with mum
Man and child reading together

The Importance of the Home
Learning Environment

Bookbug Outreach Evaluation