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  • Rock and Roll: developing children's speech

    I’ve always been a fan of the number three. Whether or not they realise it, I’d hazard a guess to say most children are too. Three counts us in 1, 2, 3..... GO! There are three blind mice, three bears, three billy goats gruff, three little pigs... the list goes on. Three is a number children learn...

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  • Manifestos

    I’ve been spending some time recently at The Really Free School in London, which is one of the greatest responses imaginable to the announcement of rising tuition fees: squat Guy Ritchie’s (empty) £6m Fitzrovia mansion and open its doors as a free centre of education, where people can learn...

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  • But No Elephants: reading targets versus reading pleasures

    A colleague sent me an email asking if we could squeeze one more delegate into an already full training day. I sent back: “Sure, but no elephants”. Unsurprisingly, the response I received back said “?”. Let me explain. But No Elephants is a book I remember reading as a child. Grandmother Tildy...

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  • The Linguistic Genius of Babies

    If you’ve read How Babies Think by Alison Gopnik, Patricia Kuhl and Andrew Meltzoff, then you know that babies are thinking about the world and processing information from the minute they’re born – or even before. They come into the world ready to interact with people and their environment, craving...

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  • How to be a Writer, Part 2

    Now you may start again. Grip the pen in the ache of your fist and force it into the shape of words. Do not think. Think all you can. Think about not thinking. The stories will come, but you have worked hard to ensure that they are buried deep. Now it is your choice: you can look away while they...

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  • How to be a Writer, Part 1

    It begins in childhood, when you don't know any better. You are little, so imagine being bigger. Imagine being smaller, longer, wider, inflatable, amphibian, in outer space. Make your Barbies into assassins. Make your GI Joes into the Loch Ness monster. Make a mess, make a fuss, make towers of...

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