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  • How Storyline immerses learners in a topic

    CFE urges the creation of successful learners , who take ownership of their learning. This week, Emily Tall might just have the answer, in the form of the Storyline approach to teaching a topic. Over the past few years I have taught numerous topics by using a storyline approach through various...

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  • A little bit app-alled

    Last week, I downloaded a picture book app of one of my favourite picture books. I was excited. While I waited for the electronic version to download, I eagerly read my dog-eared copy of the book. I imagined what the app version would look like. I saw the characters moving around their scenes on...

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  • Critical reading skills - cracking the case

    Critical reading skills are sometimes difficult to teach in an engaging way. Primary teacher Anna Robb describes a highly original approach in this blog. In August 2010 I was given responsibility for a P4/5 class. In reading, it became apparent that the majority of the children were able to decode...

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  • My thoughts on Screen Lab with Adrian Mead

    As an aspiring screenwriter I have previously participated in screenwriting courses, but although I’ve enjoyed them and found them informative, they did not match up to Scottish Book Trust’s Screen Lab with Adrian Mead (pictured). It’s a bit like comparing the British 60 minute makeover program...

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  • Tracy meets Dolly Parton

    Dolly Parton loves stories. She tells stories through her songs, but is also quite passionate that young children are able to create a home library. Dolly started the Imagination Library in 1995 with exactly that goal – to get young people reading. Scottish Book Trust gifts books to all babies,...

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  • Example of a mood board

    Creative Approaches to the Higher Still Writing Folio

    Islay High School teacher Zoe Haining describes a wonderful idea which can be applied at all stages of the curriculum to stimulate creativity and a spirit of exploration in imaginative writing. Islay High uses an alternative curriculum which has replaced Standard Grade with Access 3/Intermediate 1...

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