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  • If I only had a brain: mapping brain development in action

    Brain development is a hot topic in early years. We talk about brains, what they do and how they do it. For everything we say, think or do there is something in our brain that sent all the necessary signals to make that happen. Our brains control us depending on how they’ve developed. It’s become...

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  • Bowmore Primary School: How an author event inspired P5/6 to become authors

    Bowmore Primary School on the Isle of Islay is one of our four Flagship Schools who have been doing fantastic work around our Meet Our Authors programme. This week they tell us how they used a Live Literature author event at the Islay Book Festival in September 2010 as the inspiration for creating...

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  • Right side cradling versus left sided cradling: Is the right side wrong?

    This week a colleague brought his two month old son in to meet the office. Jamie slept peacefully as he was handed from person to person desperate for a baby cuddle. Jamie is a very chilled out baby so he didn’t mind, probably because he has calm and chilled out parents who were quite receptive to...

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  • The F-Word

    I’ve changed my mind about MsLexia and The Orange Prize . The fact that I cannot be published in one or win the other, purely because of gender, used to annoy me. If we look around and don’t see discrimination in our immediate vicinity, it is easy to assume there is none. Over the years that I have...

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  • Jacqueline Wilson + ICT = fantastic pupil presentations

    St Paul's RC Academy in Dundee was one of four outstanding schools currently taking part in Scottish Book Trust's Flagship Schools initiative during 2011. In January 2011 they used Authors Live with Jacqueline Wilson as the inspiration for a literature-focused ICT project with S1 pupils, aimed at...

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  • Rock and Roll: developing children's speech

    I’ve always been a fan of the number three. Whether or not they realise it, I’d hazard a guess to say most children are too. Three counts us in 1, 2, 3..... GO! There are three blind mice, three bears, three billy goats gruff, three little pigs... the list goes on. Three is a number children learn...

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