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  • Education roundup: March

    A look at news, practice and resources from around Scotland. This month, find out more about booktrailers, read about one school's involvement in the Blue Peter book awards, and explore some great online tools and lesson ideas. Lesson idea of the month A fantastic post from @MisiesD on the Pedagoo...

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  • A Place to be Inspired

    This week saw the launch of My Favourite Place in Scotland, a joint project between Scottish Book Trust and BBC Scotland which encourages people to write about the place in Scotland that they love the most. The entries are already flooding in, with people keen to share their memories of a place...

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  • The importance of home environments

    Nursery World recently reported on the National Literacy Trust’s findings that parents think that nursery has more influence on their children’s communication and literacy skills than they do. I was thinking about this, and it kind of made me a bit worried. Are parents unaware of the importance of...

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  • Pupils at the Reading Bus

    The Reading Bus: Apardion, A Leopard's Quest!

    Approaching learning through a narrative always delivers a meaningful experience for pupils. Below, Aberdeen's The Reading Bus organisation describe how our Live Literature funding helped them to deliver Apardion: A Leopard's Quest , a wonderful multi-arts project. The Reading Bus organisation...

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  • Ending on a high note

    I woke up singing this morning. Singing before my morning coffee is usually strictly prohibited. But as I was getting ready for another Monday morning, I couldn’t help but reflect on the last workday before the weekend. The day ended, as all good workdays do, on a singing note. As a result, I had...

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  • Aye Write diary by Claire Stewart

    Glasgow's book festival, Aye Write! kicked off this weekend with the book-lovers of Glasgow descending upon The Mitchell Library for a fix of good, old-fashioned mental stimulation. On the opening weekend, the enthusiasm of the Aye Write punters was surpassed only by the energy of the heroic staff...

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