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  • The Problem with Writing in the First Person

    Back in February the Guardian published a guide for aspiring writers entitled ‘Ten Rules for Writing Fiction’, which assembled the tips and hints of dozens of well-known authors. The article was entertaining, intermittently useful and full of contradictions. ‘Write only when you have something to...

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  • My Top Tips for Lists of Tips

    I’ve been teaching creative writing classes for Edinburgh University’s Office of Lifelong Learning. Everything in writing is up for debate, but people are comforted by a few hard and fast pieces of advice. So I set about compiling a list of my favourite writing maxims. I have a love-hate...

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  • How Charlie Higson Helped Me Bond With My Son

    Has your child ever called you a zombie? And would he save you if you were sick with a Zombie Disease? As part of Scottish Book Trust's Meet Our Authors Flagship Schools project, parent Julie Miller writes about the effects Charlie Higson's event had on both her and her son. Reading Opportunity for...

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  • Bridget and Me

    If I blame anyone, I blame Reginald Hill. I was at a talk he gave some years ago, in which he described his writing day. He told us he gets up early, has a cup of tea and takes his dogs for a walk. By the time he’s out walking, he said, he is ‘already writing’. Accounts of writers’ daily rounds and...

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  • Alison Murray: Early Years Residency

    Alison Murray is a Glasgow-based author and illustrator and is currently Scottish Book Trust's first Early Years Writer in Residence . This week, Alison drops by the blog to tell you more about her residency and the role of picture books in children's lives. I’m now into my fifth week as SBT’s...

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  • Blogofear

    Well, if I’m going to continue to do this blog thing, I think I need to come clean – I have a bit of a blogophobia. I generally avoid reading other people’s and until fairly recently I’ve tended to think of bloggers as people with far too much time on their hands who suffer under the delusion that...

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