Baby Babbling

Baby Talk: The importance of babbling

How many times have we all heard the message about the importance of talking to children? Children who are spoken to have a wider vocabulary range, and tend to have better language and communication skills.

Some children go to school having heard 32 million fewer words than their peers – this is known as 'word poverty'. By the time these children get to school, they’re already playing catch up.

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Claire Marchant-Collier... reading

My year of reading one book a week in 2013

Claire Marchant...

As part of Scottish Book Trust's Writer Development team I am lucky enough to spend a lot of my time with incredibly bookish people; we talk about books, we joke about books, we make book-themed cakes. It’s great, most of the time.

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Fountain Pen

Five Things: Keeping Your Writing Resolutions

Lynsey Rogers

We all know how it is. Giddy on the promise of a brand new year, you convince yourself that you will finally write that novel, travel the world and put money into your savings. But within a couple of weeks, nothing's been done and you start to despair. Rather than crumble under the pressure a mere two weeks into January, here are some sensibile tips to help you achieve one of those resolutions in 2014.

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Carmen Reid and the cover of Cross My Heart

Teens' Book of the Month: Cross My Heart

Beth Bottery

Author: Carmen Reid


Nicole is just a normal teenager living in Brussels when Belgium is invaded by the Germans. As everything she cares about slowly falls apart, Nicole resolves to fight back. She joins the resistance with her friend Anton, determined to resist the new order. But what starts out as a child’s game quickly turns into something far more serious with much greater consequences.

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Keeping a new year's resolution - tougher than wrestling a shark?

Books to help you keep your New Years' Resolutions

Claire Stewart

Do you have a new year’s resolution that is starting to feel a bit strained already? Is your well-meant new regime starting to feel less like feeding the goldfish of your wellbeing and more like wrestling the shark of your vices? Starting to lose the will to get up at 6am to exercise? Despising the taste of lentils? Perhaps regretting having announced loudly that you are doing Dry January when all your friends nip off to the pub? Fear not: books are your new friends.

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National 5 and Higher Resources for English - Tell Us Your Thoughts

From the brutal honesty of The Trick is to Keep Breathing to the subversive humour of The Testament of Gideon Mack, the list of Scottish texts for National 5 and Higher gives pupils the chance to explore some fascinating narratives. Scottish Book Trust will be publishing classroom resources for all of the prose titles on the list in the coming months, focusing on characters, settings and themes.

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Choose Your Own Adventure

Book Magpie: Best of the Web, 10 Jan 2014

Danny Scott

Book Magpie enjoyed a low key Hogmanay in one's nest listening to the local owl’s lovely Hootenanny. Without a riotous bang to see out 2013, this bird felt strangely listless on New Year’s Day. A feeling that has yet to leave my breast.

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The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me by Roald Dahl

Bookbug Detective: progressing from picture books

With the new year comes a new regular Early Years blog, from our resident 'Bookbug Detective' Kirsty Sinclair. Kirsty has a wealth of bookselling experience, having previously worked as a Children’s Bookseller at Borders in York (RIP), Blackwell’s in Oxford and Waterstones at Cameron Toll in Edinburgh. Kirsty is here to help with your questions about Early Years books and reading. Let's hand over to her...



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