Three ways to find writing inspiration over Christmas

Christmas snacks on a table
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Keeping the creative fires burning during the holidays can be tough. Between spare-bed making, present buying and sprout cooking, there’s often hardly a moment to spare. And when you do get the chance to sit down with your laptop or pen, there’s a good chance all those Christmas lists will be overtaking your mental real-estate.

Shake off the holiday slump and bring your attention back to creative thinking with our speedy tips for finding festive inspiration.

Set a timer

Your oven timer will probably be getting a lot of use over the holiday – no one likes a soggy parsnip – but take that discipline out of the kitchen and into your writing space to boost productivity. Short, sharp bursts of writing can sometimes be far more productive than extended noodling.

Maximise any spare moments be setting yourself a strict time limit and getting down as much as you can. You can even do it while the Christmas biscuits are baking and reward yourself with a treat when the buzzer goes.

Unwrap memories

Personal experiences can fuel the fire of many a creative piece

This time of the year tends to be soaked in nostalgia and memories of past celebrations. Harness those thoughts, both the good and the bad, by making a quick note every time you feel yourself being drawn back to times gone by. Personal experiences can fuel the fire of many a creative piece, even if you even up altering the actual series of events beyond all recognition.

For example, Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple was inspired by the author’s own grandmother, who had an uncanny knack for knowing what was going on even if she didn’t spend her time solving murder mysteries.

Reimagining Christmas cracker jokes

Every cracker you pull this Christmas, be sure to find and save the little slip of paper printed with a joke, fact, tongue-twister or question. These insubstantial quips are the perfect foundation for short fiction or poetry.

Use each at the starting point for a short, free writing exercise – write without stopping for five minutes without thinking too hard about where you’re going and you might be pleasantly surprised with where you end up!

Still looking for something to get you started, sneak away for a peek at our fortnightly writing prompts or check out our writers’ guide to staying sane over the festive period.


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