It’s Not all Novels and Sonnets: Alternative Ways to Write

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Writing a novel or poetry collection might be your ultimate goal, but they aren’t the only way to make good use of your writing skills. There are loads of careers that are perfect for writers. We’ve pulled together a few of the jobs worth thinking about if you want to keep your writing muscles flexed.  


The reward of seeing your words in print or online is still very real

From coming up with pithy ad copy to writing long destination editorials for travel websites, copywriting is a career than can take you all over the place. It’s true that some parts of the job may be a little less glamorous than penning a poetry collection, but the reward of seeing your words in print or online is still very real. Entry level positions generally ask for proof of writing skills, but you won't need specific copywriting qualifications.


If you love people almost as much as you love words, then you might put your skills to use by tutoring. Whether it’s helping high school students brush up on their essay writing skills, teaching English as a foreign language or giving professionals a way to improve their communication skills, tutoring can be a really rewarding way of passing on your passion for language.

Social Media Manager

To use social media effectively, you need to be able to distil ideas

You have to be very organised for this one, but running social media campaigns for businesses, charities and other organisations is a brilliant way to put good writing skills to use. To use social media effectively, you need to be able to distil ideas into a small number of words without losing a sense of personality – what better challenge for a writer? A career in social is great for your editing skills too, as you’ll have to check your work for typos and mistakes on the fly.


Some people have a real eye for detail when it comes to the written word. If you’re one of them then proofreading might be a good path to follow. Before a book, website or brochure is released to the world, it’s generally given to a proofreader who will give it a final check over for errors and mistakes. Check out training opportunities and details at the Society for Editors and Proofreaders

Writing for Video Games

Computer games may seem like an entirely different ballgame to the traditional novel, but they are more similar than you think. Games tend to have a narrative, plenty of dialogue between characters and a whole ton of sub-plots and side stories, all of which have to be created by someone. These days, that someone is more likely than ever to be a professional writer.

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