Tips and Resources to Power Your Pen on National Writing Day

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It’s National Writing Day, and to celebrate, we thought we’d share a few of our handy resources for anyone who’s nervous about picking up a pen for the first time as well as some inspirational posts for writers with a little more experience.

Browse our tips, prompts and how-to guides to see if you can find the perfect entry point for your own contribution to today’s wordy fun.

How to start writing

Ideal for those who’re at the very beginning of their writing journey, these guides are packed with advice and ideas for giving a new project a go.

How to start writing

How to start writing memoirs

How to start writing short stories

Writing prompts

Every two weeks, we add a new prompt to our list. Use these as a starting point when you’re stuck for inspiration. Before you go, be sure to also have a look at our monthly 50 Word Fiction Competition for the chance to win a cool prize.  

Be inspired by our regular Writing Prompts

Inspirational writing blogs

Sometimes, reading about other people’s experiences is the best way to get over your own fears or bouts of writers block. Browse a few of our guest posts and see if any strike a chord.

Writing with Gaelic: A bilingual blessing

How I Started Writing: Jenny Lindsay

5 ways to recharge your creativity

5 reasons to give collaborative writing a go

Resources for writers

If getting words on the page comes easily to you, perhaps today is a good day to get your creative skillbook in order. From bios to spoken word performances, writers often have to call on other talents in the course of their careers. 

How to write your author bio

5 ways to make the most of a manuscript assessment

5 tips for reading aloud

How (not) to be a writer

Whatever you do, whether it’s start a story or make some notes for a non-faction project, remember to have fun!


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