Five Christmas Presents for the Writer in Your Life

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Finding Christmas shopping for your favourite writer a little tricky? Don’t hang up your Santa suit yet, we’ve got a few ideas up our sleeves that should guarantee some writerly joy this festive season.

A Place to Put Their Words

Moleskine notebooks
We’re not saying that every single writer has a weakness for stationery, but a very high proportion do. Pander to their paper-obsessed selves with a gorgeous notebook or two this Christmas – there are plenty to choose from.

It’s hard to go wrong with favourite brands like Moleskine, Leuchtturm1917 and Portico but do beware, there’s a good chance your resident writer already has a preferred brand of notebook. Take a peek at the notebooks that line their desk and see if you can snag a suitable replacement.

Time to Write

Perhaps the greatest gift for any writer is the prospect of uninterrupted time to themselves. Writing can be an incredibly time-intensive process. Even people who’re able to whizz through the first draft of a story or novel will spend countless hours rewriting, editing and perfecting their words. And for most people, time can be a little hard to come by.

Gift your favourite scribbler with the thing they need most – book them a writing retreat or simply hand them an IOU that promises you’ll take care of their kids/cats/chores while they immerse themselves in their writing.

Writing Apps for Transforming Their Tech

Scrivener app
A tablet or laptop might be a little bit out of your price range, but if you’re looking for a Christmas gift for the tech-savvy writer in your life then a subscription to an app might be the perfect choice. Gift them a comprehensive writing suite with a programme like Scrivener – now also available for iOS as well as PCs – or let them capture words on the go with Werdsmith, for iPhones, iPads and Apple Watches.

Alternatively, give them access to quirky and useful info at the touch of a button with apps like Spice Mobile (an online thesaurus that also explains a word’s etymology) or Dragon Dictation, a voice recognition service that translates voice into text. If the app you have an eye on doesn’t offer a gift subscription, simply buy an iTunes or Google Play voucher and write down the details of the app you’ve chosen for your writer.

A Day Away from the Desk

A writer might spend their time exploring fantastical lands and adventuring without ever looking up from their laptop – why not inspire them to do the same in the real world too? Help hunched-over writers break out of their normal routine with inspirational day trips or classes.

Ease stiff shoulders with a voucher for a yoga or Pilates class, inspire new stories with a day trip or overnight stay somewhere nearby or give writers new ways to express themselves with a crafting workshop.

Inspirational Stocking Fillers

Lined paper mug
There are tons of brilliant small gifts for writers, including excellent ideas like Aqua Notes – a waterproof notepad that ensures no writer need ever forget a plot point dreamed up in the shower ever again. Or help writers shake their way out of a slump with Rory’s Story Cubes, a dice set that’s also a pocket-sized creative story generator.

Mugs tend to be another top pick for writerly types (saying something about their reliance on caffeinated beverages perhaps?). Find everything from the forceful ‘Go Away I’m Writing’ mug to the Grammar Grumblers complete set or the classic lined paper mug.

Now you've got your beloved writers sorted, what about the readers in your life? Check out our gift guide for bookworms.

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