The grain by William Letford

The grain by William Letford
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For Book Week Scotland 2015, we worked in partnership with Crisis Skylight to run a creative writing workshop led by writer William Letford.  This workshop was aimed at beginners and encouraged those who came along to develop stories and ideas around the theme of homelessness. After the workshop, we commissioned William to write a poem which reflected on his experiences.



The grain

She would sit by the corner of King Street with
a blanket across her lap. Never talking, always
watching. She was one of the most beautiful
women I’ve ever seen. Her skin was as rutted as
the bark of a tree. The bark of a tree that could
shift and flow. It was like I could trace every line
on her face back to its source. Back to its seed
Her ageing body had fallen against the sum of her
thoughts. And I could see the grain of her spirit.



William Letford

William Letford has received a New Writer’s Award from the Scottish Book Trust and an Edwin Morgan Travel Bursary which allowed him to spend three months in the mountains of northern Italy helping to restore a medieval village. He has an M.Litt in Creative Writing from the University of Glasgow.