10 Things Every Writer Needs

10 Things Every Writer Needs
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Now that August is over, it's time to get back to your desk and put the proverbial pen to paper, but sometimes that's harder than it seems. 

That's why we've pulled together a list of ten things that every writer needs to give you a helping hand. 

From dressy sweatpants (not to be confused with the Suitsy, mind), to jars to hold your creative tipple, and a way to look exceptionally cool while typing, we've got you covered. 


executive pens direct quill set

1. Feather Quill and Ink Set

Executive Pens Direct

Ever think that writing in your fancy notebook would be better with a quill? Then pluck this pen and get your scroll!

USB Typewriter

2. USB Typewriter

USB Typewriters

Where old meets new. USB typewriter turns your vintage typewriter into a high-tech keyboard, making you the envy of hipsters everywhere. 

Storymatic by Storymatic Studios

3. Storymatic

Storymatic Studios

Write a story with a giant stuffed animal?! Win! Use Storymatic's unusual suggestions to get past your writers' block. 

Creative Juices by Rockett St George

4. Creative Juices

Rockett St. George

Fill this wee bottle with whatever tipple gets you writing and keep it on your desk.

Novel Teas by the Bag Ladies

5. Novel Teas

The Bag Ladies

Wisdom in a tea bag. Get some inspiration from famous authors while getting your caffeine kick. 


6. AquaNotes


Finally! You can have your best thoughts in the shower AND write them down immediately! Win/win! 

Cafe Press' Writers' wall clock

7. Keepin' Time

Cafe Press

"Yeah, I'm really busy writing this next chapter today, but I think I can meet you between chocolate and starting over."

Not on the High Street's Writing Map

8. A Writing Map

Not On the High Street

Even on those days where you don't make it out of the house, never get lost again when writing.

A Literary Feast by Jennifer Barclay

9. A Literary Feast

Jennifer Barclay

A writer finds inspiration everywhere. And even a writer needs to eat.  

Betabrand Black Dress Sweatpants

10. Dressy Sweatpants


We all have those days when we anwser the door in our pjs. These beauties let you be comfy in your sweatpants and look respectable if you have to run out to get some milk for your novel tea. 


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