Drawing of pip-pip penguin

How to Illustrate Dramatic Moments in Children’s Books

How do you add tension and drama to drawing for children's books? Award-winning illustrator Guy Parker-Rees offers a few handy hints.

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Heather Richardson portrait and Doubting Thomas book cover

5 Ways to Recharge Your Creativity

All creatives experience fallow periods now and then - find out a few great ways to tackle a slumps with advice from writer Heather Richardson.

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Megan McLaughlin reading at Nue Reekie Showcase

7 Reasons for Teens to Apply for What's Your Story

If you're a teen creator (or you know one!) and you're not sure whether What's Your Story is somehting to apply for, check out this excellent advice from former Rookie and writer Megan McLaughlin.

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boy shouting into microphone

5 Tips for Reading Your Writing Aloud

Reading your poems or prose aloud can be pretty daunting, but wowing the audience isn't as difficult as you might think. Boost your performance with a few handy hints.

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Angry face mask

How (Not) to be a Writer

There's no one way to become a successful writer. There are, however, a few easy-to-remember ways to set your career back by several stages. Find out what NOT to do when you're making a name for yourself on the literary scene.

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Tom Ellen and Lucy Ivison

Collaborative Writing: Five Reasons to Give it a Try

Writing can be a lonely business - unless you decide to buddy up. Authors Tom Ellen and Lucy Ivison share their top tips for collaboration and the secrets that've kept them working together for three sucessful books.

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Novels, Novellas and Short Stories: Length and Other Measurements

Does length matter? New Writer Awardee Katherine Sowerby looks at the long and the short of writing and whether it matters if you're writing a novel, a collection of stories or a series of novellas.

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Mentor written on a blackboard

Why You Should Work With a Writing Mentor

Early career writer Rebecca Smith worked with a mentor to help her give her fiction ambitions the kickstart they needed.

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Laptop and book

The Unpredictable Journey from Agent to Publication

Finding an agent doesn't automatically mean your book will soon be published, sometimes there are a few extra stops on the journey. Debut novelist Tracey Emerson offers her insight into the, often winding, road to publication.

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Five Tips for Writing Fantastic Non-Fiction

It’s an oft-repeated cliché, but fact truly can be stranger than fiction. Non-fiction writer Esther Rutter examines the challenges and charms peculiar to penning narrative non-fiction.

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