Five Tips for Writing Fantastic Non-Fiction

It’s an oft-repeated cliché, but fact truly can be stranger than fiction. Non-fiction writer Esther Rutter examines the challenges and charms peculiar to penning narrative non-fiction.

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Crowds at the EIBF

How to Get the Most Out of the EIBF as a New Writer

The Edinburgh International Book Festival is brilliant for booklovers of all stripes, but how do you get over your nerves (and minor inferiority complex) and make the most of it as a new writer? Rebecca Smith tells all.

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black antlers against a white background

Writing YA Dialogue That Rings True

M. A. Bennett's first novel for young adults is out soon, so how did she create dialouge that rings true for teen readers? Discover her top tips within.

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Navigating the Story Arc with Hare and Tortoise

Illustrator and author Alison Murray looks at the way the story of Hare and Tortoise can help us tie down story arcs for picture books.

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CoastWord Writing Mums reading

CoastWord’s Writing Mums: Keeping Mum

Writing groups are places to forge friendships as well as hone words, as poet Hannah Lavery discovered when setting up Writing Mums.

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notebook on a wooden table

Writing on Retreat: Finding Your Own Way

Get some advice for an impending writing retreat - or be inspired to book one - with insights from author Helen Sedgwick.

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Seven Fab Advice Books for Writers

If you're having trouble with the 'how to' of writing, here are some fab books for your bedside table.

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Fist bumping group

How to Start a Writers' Group

Need some writer friends in your corner? Looking for feedback on your creative output? Setting up your own writing group could be the answer.

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notebook and pen

Five Ways to Be a Better Self-Editor

A solid ability to edit is what can transform a decent idea or inspired passage into an accomplished piece of writing. Discover five easy ways to hone your self-editing skills.

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Geraldine and the cover of her book

Writing (but not Visiting) St Kilda

Award winning writer Geraldine McCaughrean lets us in on a little secret about writing place - imagination is key!

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