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Natalie Fergie The Sewing Machine

How Applying for a NWA Helped Me Get Published (Even Though I Didn't Win One)

Sometimes, you don't need to win an award to feel its benefits. Natalie Fergie applied for a NWA last year and the process helped her move towards publication.

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Image of a girl reading in a forest by Doug Roubichaud on Stocksnap

13 Books You Need to Read, Chosen by Forfar Academy Pupils

In the second of our pupil recommendation blogs, Forfar Academy step up to the plate. Read on for a diverse range of recommendations from fantasy to horror and mystery, as well as a golden oldie!

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White Ash comic cover

Five Things: The Differences Between Writing for TV and Comics

Screenwriter and producer Charlie Stickney shares some useful advice for anyone who'd love to adapt their TV treatment into a comic script.

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Scottish Book Trust Announces New Mentoring Programme Intake

Scottish Book Trust Announces New Mentoring Programme Intake

Scottish Book Trust is delighted to announce the names of the four published writers who will receive intensive support with their current project from a dedicated and experienced mentor.

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woman lying against cracked ground

Hit a Writing Dip? That Doesn’t Make You a Failure

One stalled project or confidence dip does not a failure make. We've got some advice to pull you back from the brink of writing despair and back into your comfort zone.

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Children's illustrator Frank Rodgers

Drawing Tips from a Children's Illustrator

Children's illustrator Frank Rodgers has just launched an exciting new YouTube channel with free illustrations classes for children and adults.Here, Frank tells us more about the channel, and gives five top tips to get you started in illustration activities.

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Boy and dog from The Something

Bookbug Author Spotlight: Rebecca Cobb

Bookbug Bag author and illustrator, Rebecca Cobb, suggests more books for little ones who have enjoyed The Something

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Students working on their project

Exploring the Stories of Refugees Through Art and Drama

Find out how Greenfaulds High School used Alpha, a graphic novel about a young man's desperate journey from Northern Africa to Europe, as inspiration for a cross-curricular project exploring the stories of refugees through art and drama.

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Agatha Christie

Between the Covers: Agatha Christie Does a Gone Girl

Famous woman disappears under mysterious circumstances? Sounds like the makings of a bestseller...

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j. David Simons and A Woman of Integrity book cover

When a Man Writes a Woman: J. David Simons Shares His Process

Putting yourself in the mind of the character is one of the greatest challenges (and achievements) of any author. J. David Simons shares some of his methods for creating compelling characters of either sex.

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