James Carter Tour Journal

In March 2014 The Scottish Friendly Book Tour took the brilliant poet James carter for a week long tour round schools in Renfrewshire and East Renfrewshire. 

We visited over 1000 children in 10 different schools from P2 all the way to P7.  James played guitar, piano and keyboard and had all the pupils and teachers joining in with his poetry and songs - you can find inspiration for many poetry based activities for your classroom in the James Carter resources.

Here is a photo diary of the week with excerpts from James' blog...

James Carter Tour
James Carter Tour

Spent the morning at the wonderful Carlibar Primary School with P3 - 7.
The head teacher Mrs Macintyre was an excellent host and even joined in during the performance!

The afternoon was spent with P4 at the lovely Braidbar Primary School, in the library/music room.
Today we wrote kennings. These were invented by the Vikings. They have two words per line and the second word ends in –er.

James Carter Tour - Todholm PS
James Carter Tour

I was given an incredible reception from Mrs Bell & P4 and P5 at Todholm Primary.   A real treat was being invited to Mrs Bell’s class afterwards to hear their ‘Conga Poem’ in which every child had contributed a line singing the praises of Scotland.

A massive thank you to P4 – P7 at the wonderful St Mary’s in Paisley.
I had such a great time with them. We did the first elephant kenning I’ve ever done.
And I have to say that there are some amazing air guitarists in P4 and P5. I think they must have been practicing!
James Carter Tour - St Cadoc's PS
James Carter at Crookfur Primary School

Oh wow, what a morning at St Cadoc’s! They had done some amazing modrock models of my poems ‘Tree’ and ‘The Moon Speaks! Class 4PA acted out a stunning performance of my poem ‘What Did You Do At School Today?’ - with loads of props.

Had an absolute hoot of an afternoon at Crookfur Primary! A big thank you to smiley teacher Mr Mathis for talking bears with P5/6/7 (we did a bear kenning!)   

James Carter at Neilston Primary
James Carter at Lochfield Primary School

Oh golly, what a fun morning with Mrs Hunter’s and Mr Menzies’ P3s from Neilston Primary! Yet another delight was watching Mrs Hunter’s class sitting at their tables reading my books.  As a writer this is something I never ever see and was a magical moment.

Lochfield PS you are a UNIQUE audience. An exceptional audience. And I mean that in a very positive way. The pinnacle of the afternoon had to be Amy, Rachel and Kimberley’s stunning performance of my ‘What Did You Do At School Today?’ poem.

James Carter Tour - St Paul's PS
James Carter at Cross Arthurlie Primary School

Having very little hair myself, I felt a little underdressed as St Paul’s. It was CRAZY HAIR DAY!
There were many highlights in the session – including children guessing names of Pirate Pete’s parrot – Beaky was my favourite.  Beastly and brill! Thank you, St Paul’s!

What a perfect place to finish the tour, at Cross Arthurlie Primary. Mrs Moncreiff’s  P3 class did a rousing rendition of my ‘Splish Splash Splosh!’ poem. They’d  learnt it off by heart and given it some groovy actions. Nice one! Thank you, guys!

James Carter

James Carter is an award winning poet and musician.  James visited schools in East Renfreshire and Renfrewshire during a week long stay with the Scottish Friendly Children's Book Tour.  For more information on James and his work please visit his website.