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Nicola Balkind
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Hello and welcome to the Book Week Scotland daily blog!

My name is Nicola and I'll be your official Book Week Scotland blogger.

This week I'll be attending events from Wishaw to Dundee (and many places in between), experiencing as much of Book Week Scotland as I possibly can and bringing you along with me.

Later today I'll be in Stirling to celebrate the inaugural Book Week Scotland and meet the Stirling Makar, Anita Govan. Later in the week I'll be debating Dickens, discussing the importance of Sacred Texts, and discovering Viking Gold – to mention but a few of the amazing events happening this week.

You can also join me on a special visit to Comely Bank school in Falkirk, where they are celebrating Book Week with fervour.

You will find me here on the Scottish Book Trust blog every day this week to update you on all things Book Week. (The rest of the time I'll probably be scavenging for one of those fantastic literary sculptures!)

Nicola's picks:

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The League of Extraordinary Book Lovers

Which events are you attending this week?

Check back tomorrow for a review of Monday's events at MacRobert.

Til then, happy reading!

Nicola Balkind

Nicola Balkind is a writer, editor and avid reader. She contributes to a number of books, blogs, and the BBC Scotland Movie Café, and is the editor of World Film Locations: Glasgow.