Buckie High School Library Assistants

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At Buckie High School, the pupils are passionate about their library and all its facilities. Here, five pupils talk about why they choose to spend their free time working as Library Assistants.

I first heard about Buckie High School Library Assistants while at Portknockie Primary school, one of Buckie’s feeder schools, via my elder sister, then a Junior Library Assistant.  A few months later the topic cropped up again, this time at a P7 Keen Readers Group held weekly at Buckie High with School Librarian Mrs Marsh, who gave us more details about the opportunity and encouraged us to join the group of youngsters when we began at Buckie High School the following August.

I quickly followed her advice and joined the Library Assistants as a Junior during my first week. From there began weekly duties ranging from shelving books and DVDs to helping my peers find specific books and issuing or returning books on the computer. As the years progressed and elder Library Assistants left, I soon became a Senior Library Assistant. With this change in my third year came numerous new responsibilities: training new Library Assistants, supervising the Juniors when on duty and eventually assisting Mrs Marsh with the overdue books - issuing slips to tutors reminding pupils (and teachers!) of their overdues.

From experience, there are numerous advantages to becoming a Library Assistant. For me, the role helped me to develop my confidence, especially with speaking to and helping those I had never met before, and brought me into contact with pupils of all ages, such as other assistants with whom I quickly became friends. From this point of view, whether entering secondary school or heading off to university, college or the world of work, the role as a Library Assistant allows you to develop communication skills, and, especially in the case of younger ones, allows you to make links with older students who can help you settle into your new school and the vast changes it brings. Moreover, libraries, or at least Buckie High’s, aren’t just silent tombs of dusty books but vibrant centres bustling with activity.

From youngsters traipsing in to use the computers or books for research; English classes listening to animated book talks from the librarians; various book clubs for both pupils and teachers alike; exciting book-fairs in which Assistants play an important role; author visits from famous children’s writers such as the famed Cathy MacPhail, Keith Gray, Terry Deary as well as adult authors such as Louise Welsh and Alan Bisset ….there is never a dull moment!  In short, a school library is an essential part of a thriving school. Judith, S5.

I like the Library because it’s a quiet place to sit and read or do homework. It’s also got very good books and knowledge. You can look back on things from hundreds of years ago. You can also access the Internet for more recent things.

I am a Library Assistant because I like helping out with the books and activities. I am very fond of the Library staff as I find them very helpful and friendly. I like helping others find things out and meeting new people.  I also like to help out with special events that the Library puts on. Callum, S4.

I help out in the Library by putting books away and putting them in the right order, issuing books for people and recommending books. I help out in the Library because it is fun and it lets me see more books which I could read, and also so I can encourage more people to read as there aren’t many readers in my school. We have library assistant meetings to discuss books and library duties. We also plan trips to the cinema and taking part in book awards. Ben, S4.

Hello ! My name is Reuben; I am 14 years old and in third year at Buckie High School. I have been a library assistant since first year. The reason I became an assistant is because I wanted tojoin a club. And the second reason is that I had nothing good to do at lunchtime or break time. Every time I am out of the Library I feel that I have no friends and my sanctuary is closed. That’s a bit silly I do have other friends that I see when the Library is closed. I try my best to help in the Library because I don’t want to bekicked out! I also joined the Library because I like books. I’m a member of the book group, called Spinebreakers. We read and judged the books for the Grampian Book Award and last year I went to the Awards ceremony in Aberdeen which was splendid. Sometimes authors visit the Library like Catherine Macphail and Nicola Morgan. At Christmas we have a party. Reuben, S3.

When I was in 1st year I wanted to be a library assistant. I first heard about it from my English teacher when she said that the library needed more library assistants.  I love reading books, I like going to the library and I like helping people so I thought I would be one.  In the library we have a rota: I usually work at break and lunch on Wednesday. In the library we have different parts ofthe library to clean up; you can either re-shelf the books, scan books that people want through the system, return books and make sure that the library stays under control.  I re-shelf the Keep on Reading section.  While being a library assistant I have met authors like Catherine MacPhail, Nicola Morgan and Joseph Delaney. I have also been in an Inter-House book quiz but unfortunately did not win. I have been a library assistant for a year and I have liked being one. Amir, S2.