Eastbank Academy and Golspie High School: Why we love our school libraries!

This week we have another blog celebrating what young people love about their school libraries. Library volunteers from Eastbank Academy in Glasgow and young readers and writers from Golspie High School in the Highlands tell us what it is that draws then to the library and why it's so important to them.


Kristen, library volunteer - Eastbank Academy, Shettleston, Glasgow

My name is Kristen and I volunteer at the school library for Peter. I used to go to the library regularly to read. One day I asked Peter if I could help out around the library and he said yes, so each day, I go to the library at lunch to re-stamp books, shelve them and talk to other pupils who also come to the library.   


My favourite thing about volunteering in the library is re-stamping the books for other pupils because you can get to know new people and see what they are interested in reading.   

I love to read books by the author Cathy Cassidy such as, Sundae Girl, Lucky Star and Cherry Crush: The Chocolate Box Girls. I love reading these books as I feel as though I’m in the story instead of reading it, and most of them are based on characters around my age, so I can imagine what the they may be going through.

Our library is fantastic as there is a warm, friendly atmosphere, it’s nice and peaceful and Peter is very welcoming towards everyone who comes into the library.

Hannah, young writer - Golspie High School, Golspie

I enjoy coming into my school library as it has a good selection of books. My favourite types of books are adventure, biography, love and war.

Things that make the library so brilliant are that there are computers as well as books to read. You get a Scottish Highland library card to use if you want to take a book or two out. The other thing that makes the library so brilliant is that you can hang out with your friends or relax. There are quizzes that you can participate in each month. They keep the library open for studying and you can go to the library after school as well.

The library gives me a passion for writing. I have started to write a novel called Footsteps, it’s about me and a friend going to the Artic.

Bethany. library volunteer - Eastbank Academy, Shettleston, Glasgow

My name is Bethany and I volunteer at the Eastbank Academy library which is run by Peter. I first volunteered at the library because Peter is really nice to everyone, and I like the choice of books he has. I saw a sign on the wall that said ‘Help Wanted Please’ so I asked about it and became a volunteer.

When I am in the library I get to sort out the books and see if there any that look good to me. I recently read Halo by Alexandra Adornetto. I read it and I fell in love with it. Afterwards I got the second book and finished it in a day.

My favourite thing about the library is that I have a place to go and Peter is really funny and that makes it even better. I guess that is also what makes it the most brilliant place to be.

Billy, book lover - Golspie High School, Golspie

What makes the library great are the different books, the computers and help from the librarians.

I like to read fantasy, adventure types of books such as Eragon and I have recently enjoyed reading The Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series of books by Michelle Paver.

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Other News

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