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Christopher has just completed his first year at Linlithgow Academy and helps out in his school library. With ambitions to one day become a journalist, he talks here about how his newly-refurbished library helps himself and his fellow students study, socialise and learn.

The Library at Linlithgow Academy is very good for several reasons. The top most important reason is that it is easy to navigate around, the books are categorised by the first three digits of last name of Author (for example, the Harry Potter Series would come under Row). The books are also split from what would be considered Junior to Senior. The library also has an ICT room with about 20 computers which are accessible at any time of the day by students and teachers. Another reason the library is good is that is has many tables for students to do homework. The main room of the library has also been recently refurbished, with new shelves, desks, chairs and computers. I, like many others in the school, like to help out in the library, checking books in an out, putting books away and just generally helping. With the new refurbishment, there is a strict no eating policy, Because of the no-eating policy, the Library is very tidy.

I really enjoy working in the library because it’s fun and interesting and you can see there are a wide variety of books there. The books have a wide choice spanning from children’s stories, to teen romance, to mysteries. The Library does not just offer fiction books; to the left of the Library is an information section. The information books are sorted by number. There are many different sections in the information side. A student could come down to the library and find anything he wanted to there. I love working in the library because it’s interesting and it’s good to meet other people.

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