Bowmore Primary School: How an author event inspired P5/6 to become authors

Bowmore Primary School on the Isle of Islay is one of our four Flagship Schools who have been doing fantastic work around our Meet Our Authors programme. This week they tell us how they used a Live Literature author event at the Islay Book Festival in September 2010 as the inspiration for creating their own book, something that can be done following any of the Meet Our Authors events.

Last September, the Islay Book Festival proved to be a great inspiration for the many children who attended.  A variety of visiting authors shared their vast experiences of writing which stirred the imagination of young and old alike.

The pupils in P5/6 from Bowmore Primary were studying First Aid for Fairies and Other Fabled Beasts by Lari Don and many attended the event to hear the author speak about the book.   After reading and sharing  their thoughts and ideas about the novel each pupil completed a book review.




The class became young authors, inspired by the tales of magical creatures and exciting adventures.  Before they began writing the children used their imagination to create their own half-animal, half-human creatures in the style of the novel.

Other preparation for writing included emailing the author to ask questions, such as “Where did you get your inspiration from?” and “Can you recommend a good way to start a book?”  Subsequent replies from the author provided great excitement and motivation for creating their own book.

Before starting the writing of their books, pupils learnt how to use; adverbs, alliteration, similes and speech marks to enable them to bring their characters and settings to life.  They also focussed on how to convey facial expression to ‘show’ their characters' feelings.

During writing, pupils were responsible for checking their work against the success criteria.  Once the stories had been written the children produced a final draft including illustrations and the blurb.  These were then bound to create the finished book, all of which looked fantastic.

Finally, to celebrate becoming authors, P5/6 invited P4 and P6/7 to their Book Festival where they presented their stories to a great reception.



P 6/7 included  an article about our Book Festival in their first newsletter. This was then published by our local newspaper!


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