Create your own Horrible History

Today is Heritage Awareness Day, and there are events happening all across Scotand to celebrate. In this case study, Carolyn Alexander from Burgh Primary School in Glasgow explains how she used our BBC Authors Live event with Horrible Histories author Martin Brown to inspire pupils to write and illustrate their own Horrible Histories booklets. Why not watch Martin Brown's event and creare your own Horrible History stories? 

Burgh Primary School is part of the Scottish Attainment Challenge, and a key focus for the school is raising attainment in Literacy.  To complement the learning in class, we are always looking for creative ways to further engage pupils in Literacy activities.

It was an amazing experience for pupils to visit the BBC Studio and be part of an audience for Martin Brown. It really unleashed their creativity.

Previously, the primary 5 pupils had been learning about the Scottish Wars of Independence and this period of Scottish history really captured their interest. The Authors Live event successfully merged their interest in history together with their love of art.

Following the visit, we discussed writing our own Horrible Histories and the pupils were given the opportunity to choose their own historical event, which they researched independently.  It was wonderful to see the range of topics chosen: the Titanic, Hitler, the Suffragettes, Guy Fawkes, the Great Fire of London and the Grandpa Gang. 

The pupils were very enthusiastic about writing and illustrating their own Horrible History books and particularly enjoyed sharing them with other pupils within the school. YOu can see examples of the wonderful work the pupils created in the image gallery below. 

Carolyn Alexander

Carolyn Alexander is a teacher at Burgh Primary School in Glasgow.