Our Top Five Resources for World Storytelling Day

Tomorrow is World Storytelling Day, the ideal time for you and your pupils to take some time to enjoy reading and listening to stories. 

Reading a story to a younger child can have massive benefits for readers all the way up to S6

The power of sharing stories is key to our work here at Scottish Book Trust - our Bookbug programme for Early Years and Primary 1 aims to help children, parents and teachers share stories right from birth. Sharing stories is a crucial step in fostering a lifelong love of reading, and exposes children to a far wider and more sophisticated range of vocabulary than in everyday conversation. In school, empowering a child to share a story helps to build their confidence, and can also help to nurture relationships between younger pupils and older ones - we're big believers in providing young children with older reading role models. 

Humans have an inborn tendency to want to share stories, and doing so is a great way to develop children's oral language abilities. Sharing stories can be huge fun as pupils get to put on voices and bring stories to life - and as you'll see from our Shared Reading resources below, reading a story to a younger child can have massive benefits for readers all the way up to S6.

Check out the best of our storytelling resources below! 

Authors Live: Storytelling Relay

Lari Don, Peter Chand and Mara Menzies photograph for Storytelling Relay event
We've got a library of over 50 fantastic Authors Live events for you to watch with your pupils, and this event features three storytellers from around the globe sharing tales from their native countries. It's a great way to open up discussion about different cultures.





Storytelling Relay resources

An older pupil reading a picture book to younger readers
These resources were originally commissioned to help you get the most out of the Authors Live event, and suggest lots of different ways to build storytelling into your practice.





Vivian French: How to Tell a Good Story

Vivian French
Celebrated author Vivian French (the 2018 recipient of our Scottish Book Trust Oustanding Achievement Award) is also a fantastic storyteller. In this video Vivian shares her top tips for bringing a story to life!





Shared Reading Resources

An older pupil reading a book with a younger one
Shared reading simply involves older pupils sharing picture books with younger ones. Every year we run shared reading projects alongside the Bookbug Picture Book Prize, but you can, of course, run a shared reading project at any time of year, with any suitable picture books. This page will lead you to some of our best resources to support a shared reading project, along with some useful case studies featuring projects from primary and secondary schools.





Top Authors Reading Their Books Aloud

Chae Strathie
We now have a great library of Scottish writers reading their books aloud in full. You can see the likes of Ross Collins, Chae Strathie, Debi Gliori, Alison Murray and many more reading from their fantastic books, giving you great examples of how a great reading can bring a story to life. You might also find it helpful to share our Bookbug Bag videos with parents - these show other parents sharing books with their children, and willl encourage any parent lacking in the confidence to sit down with their child and a book. 


Learn more about the benefits of storytelling in this blog from Renita Boyle.

Want to bring a storyteller to your school? Check out everyone who's available through our Live Literature directory.