10 teen books you need to read, as chosen by pupils from Duncanrig Secondary School

Our Pupils Recommend series gives you a great chance to find out what teenagers across the country are reading and enjoying. Check out the latest installment below from pupils at Duncanrig Secondary School.

In Duncanrig Secondary, the Library and the English department work very closely to encourage personal reading. Mrs Cooper, the librarian, tries really hard to get to know the pupils in S1 and keep up with them throughout their school career. She thought it would be interesting to ask pupils what their favourite book is and use the answers to make PowerPoint presentations for the library. With the help of Mr Wilkie in English we have collated a few of the interesting replies from S2 and S3 pupils.

Kate from Duncanrig Secondary School
by Alex Gino

George is one of my favourite books because you get to see what life is like through the eyes of a transgender person. George wants to be Charlotte in the school show, ‘Charlotte’s Web’, but who would suspect a boy to play a girls role. This is George’s chance to show who she really is. The book is interesting, deep and funny all at the same time. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a brilliant read.

Kate Kinloch-Anderson (S2)

Stanislav from Duncanrig Secondary School
Angel of Storms
by Trudi Canavan

Angel of Storms by Trudi Canavan is a fantasy book about Rielle, a weaver, caught up in a local war. The other character, Tyen, teaches magic, but his teachings have been banned, as a powerful ruler long thought to be dead, has come back, and is reinstating his old laws. The book’s very imaginative and rich in detail, always giving you a clear view of what’s going on. My favourite part of the book was when the whole plot suddenly exploded (not literally), and the story took a massive turn. If you’re looking for a good read I would definitely recommend this book.

Stanislav Nikolov (S2)

Holly from Duncanrig Secondary School
One of Us is Lying
by Karen M McManus

I think this book is great for teens and young adults, it’s a great mystery told from the perspective of high school students all connected by being suspects in the murder of another student. I couldn’t wait to find out what happened and tried to solve it myself, I absolutely loved it.

Holly Morton (S3)

Fergus from Duncanrig Secondary School
Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children
by Ransom Riggs

The Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children series is about young Jacob Portman. Jacob’s granddad used to tell him stories when he was younger about peculiar beings that had strange and special powers. When Jacob grew up he started not to believe the stories anymore and assumed his granddad was just making them up but shortly after his granddad’s death, during a trip to a tiny island in Wales, Jacob is soon proved wrong. He finds an abandoned orphanage and soon after he encounters the Peculiar Children who inhabit it. He soon meets Miss Peregrine, the woman who runs the orphanage; she invites him in with open arms and informs him that his granddad used to know them and that they are stuck in a time loop forever. Jacob then realises that he is also a Peculiar and can sense the presence of Hollows (a species of vicious beasts that hunt Peculiars). He learns to embrace his peculiarity and uses it to his advantage on the many dangerous and exciting adventures he has with Miss Peregrine and all the other Peculiar Children.

Fergus Kane (S3)

Ruvarashe and Sammy from Duncanrig
The Savant Series by Joss Stirling

We recommend the Savant Series by Joss Stirling. It is a very poignant and unique series about the Benedict family with seven brothers Zed, Yves, Xav, Will, Victor, Uriel and Trace. They each take on an adventure using their powers to find their other half, their Soulfinder. Zed has the power Telekinesis, Yves Fire, Xav Healing, Will can sense danger, Victor can control your mind, Uriel can connect to the past and Trace can track the things he touches. The brothers face danger and romance looking for their match. Misty, Angel and Summer also face danger when helping the benedict’s find their match they encounter their own soulfinders. Sky, Phoenix and Crystal are not eager when they meet Zed, Yves and Xav but over time they come to trust them when they are fighting for their lives and the things they love.

We recommend this series because the characters are intriguing, mysterious and the plot is exhilarating, exciting and with heart pounding romance this series is too good to be true.

Ruvarashe Kadango and Sammy Reid (S2)

Eva from Duncanrig Secondary School
After the Fire
by Will Hill

After the Fire is an intense and exciting book about a teen girl called Moonbeam who has been part of a religious cult her whole life until she starts to doubt Father John’s words. A fire destroys her home and the book explains what her life is like after the fire when she is left in a hospital and is being questioned by the government on her involvement in the fire that killed fellow members of her cult.

Eva Cashel (S3)

Braxton from Duncanrig Secondary School
A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms
by George R. R. Martin

The novel A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms, written by George R.R. Martin, is an exciting and absorbing book that makes you want to read more and more with every page you turn. The novel brings together three original prequel novellas that had previously never been intertwined, forming the back story to the main series 'A Song of Ice and Fire'. This book follows the journeys and adventures of Dunk - a young, naive but courageous hedge knight who towers above all others in height but not experience. It also introduces Dunk's squire, Egg whose identity is hidden at the beginning of the book but who is later revealed to be Aegon Targaryen, son of Maekar Targaryen, the next heir to the Iron throne. 

It is a thrilling novel involving adventures across Westeros, such as a legendary fight to the death, and our protagonists find themselves caught up in the middle of it all. At the end of the book you feel as though you have known the characters forever and you fall in love with their incredibly detailed personalities. The illustrations and artistry put on show in the book are spectacular as they tell a story all on their own. If you like this book then you will love A Game of Thrones which tells fantastic, immersive fantasy stories that really make you feel as if you were inside the minds of the central characters and side characters. All the books are real page-turners and I highly advise you to read them right now!

Braxton McGuire (S2)

Declan from Duncanrig Secondary School
Shadowhunters series
by Cassandra Clare

Despite the gruesome violence, the Mortal Instruments series is a great read for all ages. In my opinion I think this series tops the fantasy charts (even the Harry Potter books). If you like suspense building books and very mysterious story lines and characters, then these books are for you.

Declan Brown-Trotter (S3)

Nicholas from Duncanrig Secondary School
The Nowhere Emporium
by Ross Mackenzie

The book I recommended is called The Nowhere Emporium by Ross MacKenzie. I recommended this book because it was interesting, exciting and I never knew what was going to happen next. I think this book would be most suitable for older children and teenagers. The Nowhere Emporium is based in Glasgow and it is about a young boy called Daniel who discovers the shop. The shop can appear at any time in any city.

Nicholas Hill (S3)

Cover of Local Girl Missing
Local Girl Missing
 by Claire Douglas 

Local Girl Missing is one of my favourite books as it is the perfect read for teenagers and older. It is written by Claire Douglas. Her book is about two best friends, Sophie and Frankie but Sophie seems to vanish one night leaving nothing but a trainer on the old pier. Twenty years after this horrible moment happened a body has been found and Frankie has been drawn back to her childhood town she has tried to forget. When Frankie arrives in the town she meets up with Sophie's brother Daniel, who is desperate to find out what happened to his dead sister. Things start to stir up between Daniel and Frankie but what Frankie doesn’t know is that it's just a cover up.  

I was never much of a reader before, but now I know there's more to a book than the first chapter. This book is honestly worth your money. Still to this day I want to read more and more of it. Claire Douglas has written this book with great success and I can't wait to read her other book called Sisters as I've heard it's just as jaw dropping as Local Girl Missing.  

Emma Steele (S3)

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