Our top five writing resources

Image of teenagers in a group writing together

Scottish Book Trust has a huge store of free resources created by teachers, librarians and writers. We're adding to it all the time, and it's full of a wide variety of activity packs, case studies, blog posts and videos to help inspire you and your pupils.

Here are five gems to check out:

Phil Earle's Creative Writing Masterclass

Children's and teens' writer Phil Earle has written some of the most charming and compelling fiction we've read in recent years, and this series of videos is an inspiration to any young writer. Phil explains how to approach the essential elements of writing like plot, character, setting and dialogue, as well as talking about where ideas can come from.

Getting Creative with Writing - blog series

In this series, secondary teacher Peter Kelly talks about five innovative approaches to writing in school, including podcasting, blogging and even app creation.

Unlocking the Writer Inside - blog series

Aimed ostensibly at primary but with plenty of lessons for secondary pupils too, writer Lari Don's series of blog posts is essential material for anyone who wants to inspire pupils to create exciting stories and absorbing characters.

How to Write a Comic Book Scene

This resource from comic creators Metaphrog takes you and your pupils through the process of adapting a scene from a novel into comic book format, but of course you can also use it to come up with entirely original works too. 

Teachers as Writers - resource pack

Also by Lari Don, this activity pack encourages teachers and librarians to do more creative writing and use their experiences to inform their classroom teaching. It can also be used as a simple source of great creative writing exercises.

You can check out all of our Creative Writing resources in our Learning Resource section.

We also love the Learning Spy blog by David Didau, which has lots of interesting insights about the teaching of writing.