Our Top 10 Teachers and Librarians Blogs of 2016

2016 has been a topsy-turvy year, no doubt about it. Bake Off went to Channel 4, Andy Murray became world number one, Kanye West wants to run for president. What a rollercoaster!

One thing you can rely on, though, is that our Teachers and Librarians blog will be full of practical and useful posts to inspire you and make your life easier. You can keep up to date with highlights by subscribing to our primary and/or secondary schools e-newsletters, but here are the most popular posts of 2016. If you ever want to write a guest post, just drop me a line and let me know!

Pupils at an Authors Live event listening to stories
7 Fantastic Performances of Children's Poems on YouTube

A compendium of performances that you and your learners will love! From the ever-brilliant Michael Rosen to some lesser-known but equally wonderful talents like Shane Coyczan, this is a lovely mix of humorous and profound. Even Lenny Henry makes an appearance. You can also check out our 8 Brilliant Slam Performances blog post, which was almost as popular.

Bedtime reading on board the Skoobmobile

Public libraries are doing fantastic outreach work the length and breadth of the country. Renfrewshire's Skoobmobile is a brightly coloured bus of fun that works with schools and communities on a variety of inspiring projects. Read about their brilliant bedtime reading project in this post, and then click on the 'Skoobmobile' tag to find other posts about the service - you'll find the tag on the right hand side of the blog post.

How To Get Every Pupil Reading - A Case Study

We've got a comprehensive store of learning resources on our site, full of activity packs, video series and how-to guides

Bannockburn High School's S1 reading project is a testament to the impact reading for pleasure can have on attainment.

Our Top 5 Resources for Reluctant Readers

We've got a comprehensive store of learning resources on our site, full of activity packs, video series and how-to guides to help inspire your learners to read and write. This is one of our most popular 'best of SBT resources' blog posts!

5 Scots Writing Activities

Primary teacher Katrina Lucas lets us in on her favourite writing activities to help learners get to grips with writing in Scots.

How Tablets and Apps Can Support Struggling Readers

One of a series of five blog posts from technology and school libraries consultant Bev Humphrey, this is a great beginners' guide to the potential of technology. Other posts in the series include graphic novel apps, apps for reluctant readers and Augmented Reality apps (I'm not explaining what it is, you'll just have to click and see!).

A library display which looks like the London Underground map, with books instead of station stops
7 Fantastic Library Displays

Allow school librarian June Reid to inspire you with her ideas to brighten up library walls and inform and entertain visitors!

Bringing The Promise To Life At Rothesay Primary School - A Case Study

Nicola Davies and Laura Carlin's picture book, The Promise, is a touching story about one person's pledge to spread happiness in her town. At Rothesay Primary School, teachers used the book as the inspiration for some hugely rewarding ventures where pupils brightened up their local environment.

Read Write Count Launch Party at Carnegie Primary School

The Read Write Count campaign gifts a free bag of books each year to children in Primary 2 and 3, and schools and libraries can crank up the excitement by holding a gifting event. Read about how Carnegie Primary School created a buzz about the bags!

Adam Murphy's Comic Recommendations

This is the final instalment in Adam's Comics in the Classroom series, which explores the potential of comics to develop literacy and a love of reading and also passes on some tips for drawing a comic! There are excellent reading recommendations for all ages here.

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