Our Top Five Learning Resources for Hallowe'en

Whether you're looking for spooky books, teaching activity packs or ghost story writing activities, there's something for you in our resources, book lists and blogs! Let's take a look at some of our most popular ghostly resources...

Nick Hesketh
How to Teach Creative Writing with Nick Hesketh

This hugely popular video series sees writer and teacher Nick Hesketh explain how to get pupils writing, using a ghost story as a template. It's aimed at teachers of reluctant readers and writers and is full of innovative and handy tips!

Spooky Book Lists

Our book lists section is full of scary reads for all ages. You could try our 6 Ghost Stories for Teens, 9 Ghost Stories for 8-11s, or our collection of Friendly Ghosts and Monsters books for wee ones. Check out all of our spooky book lists - you'll even find some chilling stories for adults.

5 Top Tips for Telling Ghost Stories

Hallowe'en is a fantastic opportunity to immerse children in the joy of hearing a book read aloud. If you want to brush up on your skills as a teller of terrifying tales, check out this blog post from storyteller Ruth Kirkpatrick, in which she divulges 5 top tips for bringing scary books to life. Don't stop there - explore the rest of our Teachers and Librarians blog posts for classroom practice, resource recommendations and more!

Darren Shan speaking to pupils at his Authors Live event
Watch Authors Live with Darren Shan

Darren Shan's Zom-B series has carved a reputation as one of the best zombie reads around, and when you and your pupils watch his fantastic Authors Live event, you'll find out why as he reads an excerpt from one of the books. We've also got an activity pack for Zom-B written by secondary teacher Graeme Lamb, and a blog post from Darren himself, giving his top tips for writing horror stories. You can find Darren's event, as well as over 40 events with top children's authors, in our Watch on Demand section.

Explore Barry Hutchison's Invisible Fiends books

Barry Hutchison is well known as a purveyor of petrifying fiction for youngsters, and his Invisible Fiends series is enough to scare even the most cynical and hardened minds in the playground. We've got plenty of resources to explore the first couple of Invisible Fiends books, as well as other books by Barry - check it all out here.

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Top image by Peter Sandground