5 Wyes tae Yaise Scots in Secondary Inglis Clesses, an Ootbye

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Yer bairns his aw learnt a Scots poem ilka year in Januar at the verra least faan they were in Primary Schuil. Foo can ye bigg ontae that in the muckle schuil?


At Education Scotland we hiv regional lists o a hunner key wirds in Scots: Scots Blether vocabulary lists. They are sortit intae pairts o speech. Yaise these fann yer teachin adjectives or fitivver. Gaur the bairns tae ‘ower lairn’ grammar bi daein it inno baith Inglis an Scots. Mair o fit ye teach micht haud. Giein them an interest in wirds will gang a lang wye tae raxin their vocabulary.


Spikkin and Listenin

Scots Language Radio is a graan resource fir the classroom. Wi eichteen episodes, an anither ane ilka month, there’s a wheen o topics an plinty varieties o Scots spikkers tae yaise fir listenin activities. There is a log o fit is in episodes 11 -15, an coontin, ono The Blether Scots Language Radio Log. Fae Orcadians claikin aboot kye tae Moray loons newsin aboot ghaists, there are links tae mony interestin topics. There are wyes intae mony subject areas byse Inglis an aw: Music, Food an Health, Social Subjects an Religious an Moral Education bein the maist easy seen.


There’s a wheen o wyes tae gie bairns the confidence tae scrieve in Scots


There’s mair tae Scots nor jist poetry, as ye ken. Scots can be yaised tae compliment the maist Inglis o texts an aw. Teacher Adam McNaughton’s Oor Hamlet, a poetic adaptation of Hamlet in Scots, shows fit can be daen. Hae yer bairns mak a similar adaptation fir the text ye’re studyin, or dae it fir them yersel. Ye’ll fin mair topic an text relatit resources ono The Scots Blether. Fitivver yer subject, ye’ll can yaise Scots texts in some wye.



There’s a wheen o wyes tae gie bairns the confidence tae scrieve in Scots. Lookin tae ither writers fir models is aye a guid idea. Sir Walter Scott (Heart of Midlothian) pit naethin bit some o the dialogue inno Scots; Grassic Gibbon (Sunset Song) yaised Scots wirds an syntax in a maistly Inglis prose; Anne Donovan (Gone Are the Leaves) files switches codes fir different pynts o view; James Andrew Begg (The Man’s the Gowd) scrieves a braid bit easy-read Scots fir near aw; An Matthew Fitt (The Eejits by Roald Dahl) aften owersetts weel-kennt tales. Yer bairns can dae ony or aw o this. Ye’ll fin a sample lesson on aw o this ono The Scots Blether.


Inter-Disciplinary Learning

Keen Tae Ken Yir Kin is a rare Education Scotland scheme tae gaur bairns think aboot their ain leid an wirk wi them thit his a different variety o Scots. It’s an eicht-lesson programme thit ettles tae gie a shape tae exchanges atween twa clesses in different airts. There is a wheen o Social Studies, Technology, an Health an Well Being, as weel as Literacy an Language, wirk tae be daen. Mair details are onno The Scots Blether. Contact Bruce Eunson or me fir mair support wi this project.

Gin yer a teacher in Scotland ye will hae access tae The Blether on GLOW. Gin ye hae difficulties, email me an we'll get ye sorted.


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Diane Anderson

Diane Anderson is pairt o the Scots Language Co-ordinators Team at Education Scotland.