5 Mair Wyes Tae Yaise Scots in Schuils

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There is an afa excitement aboot Scots eenoo: inno schuils an ootbye. Education Scotland’s team o Scots Language Co-ordinators his been wirkin wi local authorities tae heeze the leid. There is a hale programme o trainin fir practitioners in haun. The Scots Language Ambassadors are wirkin awa wi pairtner schuils. An Creative Scotland launchit their Scots Language Policy nae lang syne. Yaisin Scots as a pairt o learnin an teachin o literacy an language skills is somethin mair an mair fowk are mair an mair interestit in. Here are some mair notions fir the dominie faa wints till tae yaise Scots…


Sponsor a wird in the Scots Language Dictionaries. Ye cuid stert wi aabidy nominatin their favourite wird – hale schuil gin ye wint tae. Or gie the bairns a puckle o wirds tae steirt wi. Eence ye hiv fower ‘candidates’ ye can hae a vote tae fin the maist popular. Haud shadda elections, wi the single transferrable vote or fitivver ye wint. A wee fee o £20 an ye’ll be sent the hale entry fae the dictionary an a certificate fir yer waa. An ye’ll fairly gaur the bairns tae think aboot wirds, an democracy an aw.

Spikkin an Listenin

Braw baws: Ye micht wint tae cry these ‘thocht grenades’ or some ither thing. The idea came fae Lisa Jane Ashes at the National Literacy Network meetin in 2014. Tak wee plastic baws fae a baw pool an cut a holie in ilka ane, aboot the size o a five pence bit. Ye can noo pit conversation sterters inno the baws: questions, statements, wirds tae yaise – fitivver ye wint. Sterters can be fun onno The Scots Blether.


There is mair tae Scots nor poems. The Scots Blether his topic leets o texts in Scots. Gin ye cannae fin fit ye’re aifter, jist speir at freens ono the conversation threid. A puckle o Schuils Library Services are ettlin tae pit thae books intae topic boxes, gin ye’re lucky eneuch tae hae sic a service faar ye are. Mebbies ye could yaise a Scots text wi ivery topic ye plan? Mak Scots a pairt o fit ye’re daein, nae an add on ilka Januar.


Pittin pen tae peyper can be a trachle an a tyaave fir some bairns at the best o times. Scots micht mak thon a wee bit waur. A wird mat o vocabulary wid be some eese. Ye can fin examples on The Scots Blether. An eence bairns ken that there is nae ae staundart wye o spellin wirds, it can fair lowse them. Phonetic spellin is aaricht, gin they can be consistent an argie fir their choice. Haein tae think aboot foo tae spell the wye they spik can be a gran help tae some bairns. An mine the Dictionary of the Scots Language Scots Dictionary for Schools App – it’s an afa eese an aw.

Inter-disciplinary Learnin

A braw chance tae yaise Scots in an IDL and/or Enterprise Project can be fun in Tae an Toast an a Blether in Scots. Ye can even raise siller fir Poppy Scotland an aw. Invite fowk in. Gie them tae an toast an entertain them – wi a formal performance, a display o wirk or a wheen o bairns jist newsin. Chairge entry fee or speir fir donations an ye’ll mak siller fir a guid cause an aw. See fit ae schuil his daen Kirktonholme's Tae and Toast. Mair information can be fun on The Scots Blether.

Gin yer a teacher in Scotland ye will hae access tae The Blether on GLOW. Gin ye hae difficulties, email Diane.Anderson@educationscotland.gsi.gov.uk

Image credit: modified image by alegri/alegriphotos.com under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0

Diane Anderson

Diane Anderson is a Scots Language Co-ordinator at Education Scotland.