Authors Live: Bedtime Songs and Stories with Chae Strathie

Chae Strathie at Authors Live

To celebrate Bookbug Week, Scottish children’s author Chae Strathie took part in a very special event. Chae sang some songs; read his wonderful stories The Fabulous FlapdoodlesThe Loon on the Moon and Bedtime For Little Mouse; and shared his tips on how to create the perfect bedtime routine. We've picked our five favourite moments:


1. Rocking a pyjama party

Pupils at St. John Paul II Primary rocked some very cute onsesies. They also have the sweetest singing voices that we've ever heard. Singing along to Loon on the Moon and the Bedtime for Tiny Mouse lullaby, they melted our hearts and made everyone at the studio feel very sleepy!


2. Chae stresses the importance of bedtime stories

‘A good way to have a good sleep and nice dreams is to have a great bedtime story before you go to bed. It could be a lively one or it could be a nice gentle-paced story…but ask for a story before bed to help you get to sleep!’ 

Scholastic has some great information on the importance of bedtime reading and how to create a bedtime routine.


3. Lullabies do the trick too

Lullabies are often used at bedtime because of their soothing nature. A great benefit of singing lullabies is the communication that occurs between the caregiver and the baby. Studies have found lullabies to be the most successful type of music or sound for relieving stress and improving the overall psychological health of children and pregnant women. In some societies they are used to pass down cultural knowledge or tradition. In addition, lullabies are often used for their therapeutic value, the development of communication skills, developing emotional skills and regulating behavioural patterns. Since response to sound is one of the most highly developed abilities in the newborn infant, children need to be musically nurtured from birth. You don’t have to have instruments; your voice is enough. Chae sang the Tiny Mouse lullaby at the end of this event: it’s a great song to use before bedtime!


4. Treesnare og moople flitzar rar-rar meshmash textre (There’s so much fun to be had making up words)

Chae loves to make up new words. In Flapdoodles and Loon on the Moon, there are a lot of creative and imaginary words such as fizzbongle. Making up new words is fun, creative and exercises the imagination. The children at St John Paul II Primary came up with some fantastic ones: boombippetybongle and Tangerineteeth are but two of our favourites.


5. Imaginealien

Have you ever tried to imagine an alien? Chae asked the audience to suggest some shapes and objects which he then put together in a drawing to create a strange alien. You can see the final sketch via the Watch On Demand. *Spoiler Alert* It has four legs, one of them is a banana and one of them is made out of ice cream. Sounds like an alien that could do the perfect banana splits.


Watch Chae's entire Author's Live event on demand here, and catch up with more of the fun from Bookbug Week with our exclusive photo gallery.