Haunting Halloween Book Suggestions!

Halloween is a time for ghost, ghouls, witches and spooks, so let’s get in the eerie spirit with these ghastly books…


The Piper – Danny Weston. 

The Piper takes us back to the second world war, when 13-year-old Peter and six-year-old sister Daisy, are evacuated from London to Rye. They are taken in by the Sheldon family, who live on a remote farm with only their housekeeper and farmhand for company. Peter becomes increasingly worried about his sister, who hears ghostly music, speaks to dolls and sees girls dancincing in the garden at night. He uncovers a Sheldon family curse from 200 years earlier, caused by an unpaid debt to a French prisoner of war. A wonderfully twisty chiller that’s sure to make you want to keep all of the lights on this Halloween!

The Glass Children – Kristina Ohlsson

Billie is forced to move her childhood home to an old house in a tiny town. She finds two glass figures amongst the ancient furniture and after several strange occurrences she begins to suspect that they might play a part in the mysterious secrets that the townspeople are clearly hiding. Billie and her friend Aladdin try desperately to uncover the tragic history of the house and the town with chilling consequences. An exciting read for younger readers who want to enjoy some spooky fun!

The Snarling of Wolves: The Sixth Tale – Vivian French

The Snarling of Wolves is the sixth installment from The Five Kingdoms series. Following Foyce, who is determined to destroy The Web of Power in order to seek revenge on her step-sister, this book is full of all the Halloween classic characters; trolls, werewolves, bats and even a Royal Family. The book was published in early October, so be one of the first to read this over the Halloween weekend and fully immerse yourself in the world of fairy tale magic.

Tinder – Sally Gardner

Written by Carnegie medal winning author Sally Gardner and beautifully illustrated by David Roberts, Tinder is the exciting, haunting and moving tale of Otto Hundebiss – wounded in battle and falling hopelessly in love. Based around Hans Christian Anderson's fairy tale 'The Tinderbox', this teen novel grips you with its twisting plot and somewhat unexpected ending; make sure not to read it alone at night, you might be in for a scare!

Doc Mortis – Barry Hutchison

Book four in the Invisible Fiends series sees Kyle searching for his Mum with the help of his friend Ameena. Coping with catching a deadly disease, frantically searching for his Mum and his Nan and being pursued by the police for the murder of his cousin Marion begins to take it’s toll on Kyle and unfortunately the only Doctor available to help him is the evil Doc Mortis who has creeped out from the Darkest Corners… If you love the Invisible Fiends series you will love this! There’s also an excellent prequel available to download as a free eBook on Barry’s website, ‘The Rise of Doc Mortis’.

Have a haunting Halloween!

There are more scary suggestions in our Ghost Stories book list and you can share your own favouriting haunting tales in the comments below.