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Students working on their project

Exploring the Stories of Refugees Through Art and Drama

Find out how Greenfaulds High School used Alpha, a graphic novel about a young man's desperate journey from Northern Africa to Europe, as inspiration for a cross-curricular project exploring the stories of refugees through art and drama.

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Image of a girl reading in a forest by Doug Roubichaud on Stocksnap

13 Books You Need to Read, Chosen by Forfar Academy Pupils

In the second of our pupil recommendation blogs, Forfar Academy step up to the plate. Read on for a diverse range of recommendations from fantasy to horror and mystery, as well as a golden oldie!

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Children's illustrator Frank Rodgers

Drawing Tips from a Children's Illustrator

Children's illustrator Frank Rodgers has just launched an exciting new YouTube channel with free illustrations classes for children and adults.Here, Frank tells us more about the channel, and gives five top tips to get you started in illustration activities.

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Teacher interview: Diane Anderson on the Impact of Scots in the Classroom

Secondary teacher Diane Anderson is a huge advocate of Scots in the classroom, having previously worked for Education Scotland to enhance learning and teaching in Scots. In this interview, Diane talks about the potential of Scots to impact on attainment and reading for pleasure, as well as giving her top tips for teachers new to Scots.

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Maria Turtschaninoff

Maria Turtschaninoff on Writing Naondel

Maria Turtschaninoff is the author of The Red Abbey Chronicles, a dark and exciting YA series exploring a young girl's fight against a patriarchal society. It's a deep and absorbing feminist read, but also a fast-paced and thrilling one, and it's picked up a huge audience across the globe. In this interview, Maria talks about writing Naondel, the second book in the series.

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Andrew Beasley

Andrew Beasley: Burning Questions About Reading for Pleasure in Schools

How much influence can a school have in a child's reading choices? How do you persuade children to read more widely? And why do pupils who don't like reading still enjoy hearing a story? Andrew Beasley, primary teacher and author of the fantastic new S.C.R.E.A.M series, answers these questions and more in our interview.

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Rachael Lucas

Rachael Lucas: Why I Wanted To Write a Novel About an Autistic Girl

Rachael Lucas' hotly-anticipated novel The State of Grace is out this week, and tells the story of a teenage girl with Aspergers trying to find her place and identity in the world. In this interview, Rachael tells us more about the book and how being an autistic writer has impacted on her work, as well as discussing perceptions of autism in society.

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Author David Almond working with a group of pupils

Why I Love Collaborative Writing

Collaborative writing can help boost the confidence and skills of pupils of all ages. In this blog post, Bev Humphrey explains how collaborative writing can be used in a number of ways, including as an aid to understanding Shakespeare.

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Promoting Scots Language at Fife College

Find out how a series of Scots-focused events at Fife College proved eye-opening for students and their teacher!

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image of boy reading by Andrew Branch on Stocksnap

The Best Children's and Teens' Books We Read in March 2017

Our Schools team are never far away from new and exciting fiction for children and teenagers. This month, we tell you about a hilarious new comic, some hard-hitting fiction based on the Syrian refugee crisis and an absorbing new non-fiction title from Nicola Davies, as well as a genuinely original dystopian concept from Catherine Fisher.

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