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Bed covered with books and magazines

Shelf Life: Turn Over a New Page

As Spring is making its way tentatively into 2017, it's time to clean up your shelves and get some new reads on the go! Here are some suggestions to shake up your shelves this Spring.

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Point Horror books

Shelf Life: Rereading Childhood Favourites in the Autumn

Are there books you like to return to in the autumn? For Miriam Morris it has to be the Point Horror books of her youth

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Shelved books

Shelf Life: Book Shame

Have you ever experienced book shame? Told a white lie about what you're really reading? It's more common than you think...

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Shelf life books

Shelf Life: Quirky Reading Habits

Are you a book-sniffer? Do you read while you walk? Read on to discover some of the weirdest reading habits we've uncovered...

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Shelf Life: Reading For Pleasure

Do you read for fun? Read on to find out the benefits of reading for pleasure and what might be holding you back...

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Books at work

Shelf Life: The Spring Clean

Book lovers, it's spring clean time - read on for some ideas on how to clean up your shelves.

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Shelf Life: Do Books Have Expiry Dates?

We all struggle to finish a book sometimes - we take a look at some of the things that might be holding you back and some tactics to get you reading through to the end.

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Berlin book burning, 1933

Shelf Life: Is it Okay to Destroy Books?

History is littered with book destruction, but does that mean it's okay?

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