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What Makes a Good Children's Book App?

There is sometimes a misconception that screen time is bad for our children's development as readers. But the argument shouldn't be about the amount of screen time - it should be about the quality of the experience children and parents have when reading a book app. In this blog post, Bev Humphrey outlines her criteria for a quality digital reading experience.

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10 Augmented Reality Apps That Will Amaze You

Augmented reality apps are big on the wow factor - whether you're an adult or a child you'll be amazed by the way they can digitally enhance the real world around us! In this blog post, technology and school libraries consultant Bev Humphrey shares her favourite apps to digitally enhance books. Prepare to be app-solutely amazed (sorry).

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11 Great Graphic Novel Apps

Graphic novels are exploding in popularity right now, both in the physical and digital worlds! In this blog post, school libraries and technology consultant Bev Humphrey gives the lowdown on some of the best graphic novel apps for iOS and Android devices.

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11 great apps for reluctant readers

As libraries consultant Bev Humphrey reminds us, there more distractions competing for children's attention than ever before! If you're looking to switch your child on to reading, these wonderful apps provide just the right blend of storytelling and interactivity.

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How Tablets and Apps Can Support Struggling Readers

A tablet can be a fantastic gateway to an improved reading experience for those who find reading a challenge. In this post, school libraries consultant Bev Humphrey explains how technology can help open up the world of books to struggling readers.

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Books Versus Apps - Is It Really a Competition?

Many people wonder if apps signal the decline of the print book, but as school libraries and technology consultant Bev Humphrey explains, the best apps aren't designed to do the same job as books. Read on to get Bev's top recommendations for an 'appy reading experience (sorry).

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