NaNoWriMo: At Breaking Point?

Category: Writing

Now that NaNoWriMo is almost over, you might have given up early, or be at the stage of throwing in the towel. 

Get yourself back on it! There are only two more days! Who knows when you will be able to set this time aside again? You will need some serious encouragement, some soul food, a visit from the muse! 

1. Remind yourself why you are joining the great tradition of writers. Allow yourself a moment of commune with your fellow spirits! Listen to the 'Writers Reading' podcast that Vanity Fair produce. Read a few pages of your favourite book out loud. 

2. Read about International PEN and Ai Weiwei and remember that writers and artists need each other. Count your blessings that you live somewhere where you can write (pretty much) whatever you want.

3. Write an email or letter to the publisher of one of your favourite authors, thanking them for bringing that writer's work to the world. Tell them that you appreciate what they do.

4. Use your writing skills to take part in the Amnesty International Write for Rights Write-a-thon - to fight for freedom of speech and respect for human rights. 

If you do some of the above and don't feel a little surge of warm and fuzziness, perhaps you're experiencing writer's burnout? 

In which case I'd recommend a walk in the woods with Thoureau's 'Walden, or, Life in the Woods'.


Claire Stewart is Marketing Coordinator at Scottish Book Trust.