Shelf Life: Turn Over a New Page

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With spring starting to take its first tenetative footsteps into 2017, it's time to think about the inevitable spring clean, blowing out the cobwebs and breathing some fresh air into your bookshelf.

Here are a few suggestions to expand your shelves and your mind...


1. Read something in translation

Books are all journeys waiting to happen, but a piece in translation offers to take you a bit further from home. It can share new perspectives, new cultures and perhaps some new favourites.  


I Want My Hat Back by Jon Klassen
2. Pick up a picture book

Turn the world on its head and try reading a picture book. They're not just for kids, they're heaps of fun and offer up new ways of thinking about the world.


3. Choose your next read by its cover

And by this I mean: choose something you aren't bowled over by the look of. Consciously or not, we really do judge books by their covers. Next time you're in the library or bookshop, pick something off the shelf you wouldn't usually take a second glance at.


4. Genre hop

Many people will keep going back to a genre they enjoy reading, a bit like a really comfy jumper. But there are other jumpers out there; if you'd normally read romance, why not indulge in some sci-fi? If you can't put down crime, try some historial fiction


5. Read some non-fiction

When was the last time you read some non-fiction? And I don't mean the internet... Biography, History, Travel, Nature, Sport - pick something that tickles your fancy and get clued up. 


6. Ask a friend to choose a book for you

Throw down the gauntlet and put your reading in the hands of someone else! They could choose your next favourite book, or maybe just something you hadn't thought of reading before. 


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