7 Great Gifts for Book-Loving Loved Ones

Presents for book-lovers
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Those of us who love books love getting books for Christmas, but for the people in our lives, the prospect of buying us a book can be absolutely terrifying. After all, we’re all just so particular, aren’t we? If it’s not exactly the right kind of book, Christmas could be ruined!

What, then, do you buy for the loved one who loves books? Book tokens, though certainly appreciated, lack a certain imagination. But never fear: Scottish Book Trust have canvassed several real-life book-lovers to see what would make this Christmas one to remember!

A Literary Print

For those who still look back fondly on childhood favourites, many illustrators sell prints of their work (or even original artwork, if you’re feeling particularly generous!). A lovely gift for someone (of any age!) who loves a particular artist. Many works are available here or on the illustrator’s website. For those whose tastes tend to skew more towards chapter-books, check out some of these fanciful posters from the Literary Gift Company.

A Chair to Read In

Tell me, what book-lover wouldn’t adore having a chair that doubles as a bookshelf? If you don’t have a couple thousand quid to shell out for some seating, here are instructions on how to make the chair yourself.

A Fun Literary Mug

It’s the time of year for sipping hot things out of mugs, so here’s a selection of cups to suit all the word-lovers in your life, from the grammar grumblers to the classics geeks to the curmudgeons.

The Faber & Faber 2016 Poetry Diary

Sure, one could just track upcoming appointments on one's phone, but will the calendar app give one a daily gift of some of the finest poetry of the modern age? Probably not.

Literary Tea

A New Bookcase

A book-lover can never have too many bookcases, and this is something that can fit any budget. Go all-out with a fancy bespoke piece, pick something up from a charity shop and give it a lick of paint or, if you’re particularly handy, DIY! Even the most crowded shoebox of a flat can make room for another (small) bookcase.

Literary Tea

Warm up to a favourite author! Literary Tea Co offers bespoke blends inspired by writers including Jane Austen (Earl Grey with lavender and rose), Roald Dahl (English breakfast, cinnamon and vanilla bean) and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (black tea, orange peel, cinnamon and ginkgo). Novel Teas by Bag Lady Teas pair your English Breakfast with timeless literary quotes.

Jewellery and Accessories for Book-Lovers

Necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, cufflinks… there are loads and loads of lovely pieces inspired by and incorporating great works of literature. Find some of them here.


What do you want for Christmas, book-lovers? Let us know in the comments below!


Giveaway Time

As part of the festive season, we are running a giveaway of two gifts a book-lover would find delicious. We have two sets of the following to give away from the lovely Abrams and Chronicle Books, who print such beautiful things.

The books are:

Graphique de la Rue by Louise Fili, a pictorial guide to the many beautiful street signs of Paris.

Grids & Guides – a notebook for visual thinkers which has over 100 pages of beautiful boxed, lined, graphed and tabled paper for your visual mind to fill.


To be in with a chance of winning, simply post in the comments or email us at hello@scottishbooktrust.com telling us what the best book you’ve read this year was. The competition will close on 18 December at noon.

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