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Refugee Stories
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What does home mean to people who have moved to Scotland under difficult circumstances? What does it mean to those who have been displaced? As part of Book Week Scotland 2014’s Stories of Home campaign we collaborated with the Scottish Refugee Council on a project to ask just that.

We invited refugees to work with translators and some of our New Writers to tell their stories of home, whatever they might be. Unfortunately, due to the turbulent nature of their lives, two of our participants had to drop out of the workshop at the last minute. In their place two of the translators, who were themselves migrants from countries in conflict, described their own experiences.

As the workshop progressed we listened to the SRC participants talk, and cry, about the homes they had fled. They talked bravely about their experiences, and their hopes and fears for their countries. The problems they spoke of are greater than anything I can imagine, but there was some common ground. We understood as they described their anger at a selfishness of a minority who act in their own interests and refuse to hear about the pain and suffering of others.

This project was a small attempt to challenge the often overwhelming narrative blaming refugees and migrants for the current economic situation. We must never forget the people and stories behind the rhetoric, no matter what labels we give them. Everyone deserves a sanctuary. Everyone deserves for their family to be safe from persecution. Everyone deserves to be part of a compassionate community, where people are willing to listen. Everyone deserves a home.


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Scottish Refugee Council works with refugees and asylum seekers across Scotland. They provide essential information and advice to people seeking asylum and refugees in Scotland as well as campaigning for political change, raising awareness about issues that affect refugees and working closely with local communities and organisations. 

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