15 More Scottish Novels to Look for in 2015

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Late summer into autumn is a hot time of year for publishers, if not the rest of us.

With Christmas sales to think about, the new releases come thick and fast between now and the end of the year. We already previewed 21 Scottish novels to look forward to in 2015 back in January featuring Denise Mina, Elizabeth May, William Boyd and Catherine Simpson. But, with so many more novels to look forward to before the year's out, it seemed only right to do another look ahead.

Find out what to ask for this Christmas below and enter our competition to win an advance proof copy of Master of Shadows by Neil Oliver

Skimming publishing catalogues is great fun but it is possible to miss stuff. If we've omitted a book that has you hacking away at your calendar, please add the title in the comments or tweet us @ScottishBkTrust


Rain by Barney Thompson

Rain by Barney Campbell

Out now | Michael Joseph (imprint @PenguinUKBooks)

Scottish Borders-born debut author Barney Campbell joined the army straight from university and served five years with the Blues and Royals. Influenced by his personal experience of war, his publishers claim that Rain is the 'most powerful, vivid and affecting portrait of the Afghan frontline to have yet emerged'. The book has already gained high praise from William Boyd, Jeremy Paxman and Charles Cummings.  

The Kindness of Enemies by Leila Aboulela

The Kindness of Enemies by Leila Aboulela

August 2015 | @WNBooks

Aberdeen-based, Cairo-born author Leila Aboulela has already won a Caine Prize and Scottish Book Award and been longlisted for the Orange (now Baileys) Prize three times for her three novels to date. Her fourth novel moves the reader from present-day Scotland to the tsarist court as Natasha uncovers a story of bravery and loss whilst researching the life of Imam Shamil, a nineteenth-century warrior who battled to defend the Caucasus against Russian invasion.

The Jump by Doug Johnstone

The Jump by Doug Johnstone


August 2015 | @FaberBooks

Set in the shadows of the Forth Road Bridge, Edinburgh-based author Doug Johnstone's seventh novel follows an everyday heroine named Elie. Struggling to come to terms with the suicide of her son, Elie sees for herself a chance of redemption when she talks down another suicidal jumper from the bridge. Things get complicated when Elie's best intentions blind her to the situation she's got herself into.

Read Doug Johnstone's Author Confessions

Splinter the Silence by Val McDermid

Splinter the Silence by Val McDermid


August 2015 | @LittleBrownUK

The queen of Tartan Noir brings two of her most treasured subjects back to print in Splinter the Silence. It's psychological profiler Tony Hill's job to see patterns but a series of bizarre suicides by women stalked by vicious online predators has him vexed. He must once again team up with DCI Carol Jordan to track down a faceless killer with nothing to lose. 

The Bind by William Goldsmith

The Bind by William Goldsmith

August 2015 | @JonathanCape

Highly-praised for his debut Vignettes of Ystov, rising graphic novel star William Goldsmith releases The Bind this August with prestigious publisher Jonathan Cape. The Bind is a darkly comic book about books that documents the rise and fall of Egret Bindings, once the most prestigious firm of bookbinders in London.

Download our William Goldsmith-illustrated graphic novel on the life of John Muir, written by Julie Bertagna.

Scourge of Rome by Douglas Jackson

Scourge of Rome by Douglas Jackson


August 2015 | @TransworldBooks

Tighten your togas, we're in for a bumpy ride in the sixth novel of Stirling-based author Douglas Jackson's epic Gaius Valerius Verrens series. In this edition, Verrens has been banished from Rome and has to make his way east through the destruction and desolation of the Judaean rebellion to the siege of Jerusalem where he finds his friend Titus in worse shape that he'd hoped.

Every Night I Dream of Hell by Malcolm Mackay

Every Night I Dream of Hell by Malcolm Mackay


August 2015 | @MantleBooks

The self-proclaimed author of novels with 'awkwardly long titles' doesn't disappoint with this superbly named new release. Every Night I Dream of Hell promises to keep readers up past their bedtime with a gripping tale of double-crossing as DI Michael Fisher struggles to keep up with the quickly shifting Glasgow criminal landscape.

The Sunshine Cruise Company by John Niven

The Sunshine Cruise Company by John Niven


August 2015 | Cornerstone Publishing (imprint @PenguinUKBooks)

When soon-to-be-sixty Susan's Dorset life is ripped apart by the discovery of her dead husband in a sex dungeon, she also finds that her swinging late husband has run up huge debts. Rather than bend to the bank's wishes, Susan decides to break it with the help of an unlikely gang. John Niven's latest novel promises more biting satire with the English middle-classes, the housing bubble and friendship in his sights.

The Case of the Missing Madonna by Lin Anderson

The Case of the Missing Madonna by Lin Anderson


September 2015 | @JonathanCape

In the second book of her Patrick de Courvoisier series, Bloody Scotland's co-founder opens the action at a Buckingham Palace garden party before whisking readers around exotic locations. Our hero, Patrick, responds to a call from Brother Robert at the abbey on St Honorat when a valuable painting disappears from the monastery's vaults. His investigations uncover a shocking wartime secret the British Royal family would prefer to keep hidden. 


Master of Shadows by Neil Oliver

Master of Shadows by Neil Oliver


September 2015 | @OrionBooks

Neil Oliver is a Scottish archaeologist, historian and broadcaster famed for his distinctive voice and oft-billowing long black hair. In September this year, Oliver is adding the novelist string to his bow with this work of historical fiction. Following Scotsman John Grant as he defends the besieged walls of 15th century Constantinople, we see his valour entwine the lives of three central characters in a sweeping tale. We can't wait to dive in to the Coast presenter's debut.

Enter our competition below to win a special advance proof copy of Master of Shadows.

The Woman who Walked in Sunshine by Alexander McCall Smith

The Woman who Walked in Sunshine by Alexander McCall Smith


September 2015 | @LittleBrownUK

University of Edinburgh's professor emeritus of medical law gives Mamma Ramotswe her sixteenth outing later this year. Business is slow at the No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency, so Mma Ramotswe takes the opportunity to go on her first-ever holiday. If only her life were that straightforward. As she prepares to leave, a new client arrives representing her war hero father and Precious must learn to delegate her detective duties to her whole, often unreliable, team. 

The Alpine Casanovas by Toni Davidson

The Alpine Casanovas by Toni Davidson

September 2015 | @FreightBooks

Ayrshire-born Toni Davidson gained worldwide acclaim for his Canongate-published debut Scar Culture, which tackled issues around psychotherapy and dysfunctional sexuality. In his latest novel, Davidson explores the lives of those caught between East and West through Beat and Quyn, two half-Vietnamese men leading very different lives. Freight claim this is the author's most accomplished work to date, 'a bold, challenging and violent exploration of the loss of heritage, identity and community.'

Moon Country by Peter Arnott

Moon Country by Peter Arnott


September 2015 | @VagabondVoices

Born in Glasgow in 1962, Peter Arnott began his career as a playwright in 1985. More than forty plays later he has been writer in residence at the Traverse, the Tron and the National Library of Scotland and his work has been performed in London, Moscow, Melbourne and New York. Vagabond Voices promise that his debut novel 'is a wild and woolly Scottish Western, a family road movie, a slightly insane hermeneutic treatise on nationhood and belonging, and a definitely lunatic quest for personal redemption.'

The Last Tour of Archie Forbes by Victoria Hendry

The Last Tour of Archie Forbes by Victoria Hendry

October 2015 | @SarabandBooks

In her debut, A Capital Union, author Victoria Hendry explored Scottish nationalism during World War II gaining a shortlisting for the Historical Writers' Association Debut Crown in 2014 in the process. War is again her theme here, and the little understood effects it has on its combatants. When Archie returns with PTSD from Afghanistan, and little else, his life falls apart. A new exercise class called 'Slim for Jesus' offers him some hope before his friend goes missing, and Archie, 'the town's nut-job', is everyone's prime suspect. 

Even Dogs in the Wild by Ian Rankin

Even Dogs in the Wild by Ian Rankin


November 2015 | @OrionBooks

Ian Rankin's twentieth Rebus outing borrows its title from a song by The Associates, a Scottish new wave act from Dundee. In it we find a restless Inspector Rebus ill-suited to retirement. When DI Siobhan Clarke asks for his help on a case, he doesn't need to be asked twice. The case involves a dead lawyer whose body was found with a threatening note. To make matters more complicated, Rebus's long-time nemesis Big Ger Cafferty received an identical note and a bullet through his window.  



Competition: Win a copy of Master of Shadows by Neil Oliver

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We delved deep into release schedules to bring you these titles but are there any titles we missed?  Tell us what you're looking forward to reading before we bid 2015 farewell on Twitter @ScottishBkTrust or in the comments below.

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